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ItUndertakes Trome! The SEO is the set of actions that help us to improve the visibility of our website in the search results of different search engines, such as Google. The term SEO comes from the English, which refers to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In Spanish it is known as Website Positioning. The SEO focuses on the search results. In that sense, the Web Positioning is the process of improving the visibility of your website in the results of the different search engines. While there are thousands of factors that determine the positioning of a page in a browser, experts point out that there are two basic factors: authority and relevance.


It is basically the popularity of a website. The more popular a website, or it contains most valuable information, you will have better SEO. This was the factor that a search engine has more in mind, given that it is based on the actual experience of the user: the more you share content is that the more users they’ve found it useful. For that reason, Trome, if you’re going to make a page or a blog, making sure you have relevant content.


It is the relationship that you have a page against a given search. This is not simply because a page may contain several times the same term as a keyword. Before was so, but now, in addition to keywords, the search engines are set on issues such as the experience of the user, the format of the URL, the security of the website, quality of links, presence on social networks, mentions in the local media, authority of the brand and performance in the search results, among others.

I understand Trome, but why is it important for the SEO for my business?

Because of the good use of SEO will depend on your page or your digital content toappear first in internet searches, without the need of that you are paying to promote your content on Google. For example, if a person needs curtains or blinds, put in Google: “curtains and blinds in Lima”. Among the first searches will appear companies that offer this service that have paid to appear first, but the fourth or fifth place will depend on the strategy of SEO that you have implemented. The SEO Trome is necessary to help the search engines understand more about what each page and whether or not it is useful for the users. If your page is useful will appear at the top, as simple as that.

Imagine that there are some 673.000 people looking for “curtains and blinds in Lima”. Assuming that the first result that appears after you do a search on Google get the 22% of clicks, that means your page will have 148.000 visitors per month. If cuantificas each click on S/to 0.20, it means that you have saved S/29,000 / month. No wonder there are companies that pay to appear first in the Google search results.

Now that you know how to work the SEO, care to have a relevant page, that sparks the interest of your audience, with content that is so relevant that will cause people to share it. You already know Trome, a good SEO means more sales

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