Vodka, cigarette and a change of look: and reappeared Charlotte … – The Uncompromising

BUENOS AIRES (Drafting) — Charlotte Caniggia had disappeared from the social Networks.

Barely published in his account of Instagram with mysterious photos of his luxurious life in Marbella. Now, however, returned to the charge and made him the way more sensual.

Replicating the style of Natalie Portman in “Perfect killer” or as a “Nikita” of the new era, Charlotte was encouraged to a photo very heavy-hot.

In the image, you can see it sitting on the counter of a kitchen, with a wig brunette, lit cigar between the fingers and escotazo! In the background, a bottle of vodka and glasses slipping.

“It was a book hard to read”, wrote by way of epigraph, the perfect description for your pose of the femme fatale.

What will bring between hands, the controversial former blonde?