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justicia para quienes han sido asesinados, agraviados o violentados por el sistema injusto en que vivimos. Meztli, Alejandro, ABC, Nochixtlán, Aguas Blancas, los 43 , etc

justice for those who have been killed, injured or threatened by the unfair system in which we live. Meztli, Alexander, ABC, Nochixtlán, White Water, 43 , etc.

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«With great love, to my mother: Felicitas Aquino Juanillo. Women work, hope, and belief. Thank you!».

There are days of peace, but they say that battles are not just and wars are not lost forever, it is always the walk, time and time again, sometimes with rags and other clothing of a warrior that did not even represent what we want, we are birds of passage. Do you remember when you arrived, but never to where you can get. I say to my friends that always be born is a battle body to body with other sperm to reach the egg, to enter, to be born again and again to live. It is life, it is the fight of all.

In these days the life has been hard and heavy so many things have happened that your thinking is clouded and the reason it becomes an obstacle to the intelligence, the death of Alexander, the loss of Meztli, the ida of journalists without justice and the departure of Felicitas, I think, I have become frail or vulnerable. I don’t want to fight with other mills, I am not don Quixote, I assume that I am more of a Sancho Panza. Some may laugh, but I’m going to try to recover the strength to fight in a fair fight with those who are my adversaries and to share with my colleagues the ideas are prudent. To see where we end up.

Today I agree with Mavis, of Marbella of Margaret or Mary Eugenia, also from Rita or Tanya, they are all great women warriors, indispensable in the construction of a new Mexico. I’m not worth remembering and cherishing the one who has fought with me, arm in arm, is called Antonia, a woman of commitment, convictions and responsible mother of my children, but also a great story of struggles and claims. All of them are women who day after day fight for their rights and aspire to a better world. I hope to make it a reality.

The title of the column, it has to do with the times of rogue, especially when they are together, the worst of times and in the worst of conditions. When those of you who think that you are going to understand give you back or who you think you are looking for your weaknesses and mistakes. Do not understand that you are human and that for this reason also you’re wrong. Einstein or Chalin, were not perfect, unless Galileo or the «Che» Guevara. Each one with its strengths and its virtues.

I demand justice for those who have been killed, injured or threatened by the unfair system in which we live. Meztli, Alexander, ABC, Nochixtlán, White Water, 43 , etc, All deserve justice and punishment of those responsible. Justice against the infamous and rogue. That is what I ask.

There are days of uncertainty, but there are also times of hope, especially when you have people who love you, and know that between your hands is the opportunity to be and work for a better world. Do not change the life by death, it is always better to have a star in the sky a rock on the ground, although the rock is also beautiful. By the way, there are rocks and stones that build. Do not feel alien to what I write, I do it in a time of scoundrels, where the violence and loss of values are a constant.

My full solidarity with all those attacked, today that human rights must be respected and able to defend the right to live a life. It is important that we listen to our conscience and know that you can go back to knowing of utopias and possible worlds. We must do it together, and as I would say Mario Benedetti: «Elbow to elbow, we are much more than two.»

Reflections. There will be many who will not understand this writing, the only thing that I can tell you, is that there are also moments of being yourself and thinking on our own. Thank you to the life!

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