Visit the magical Andalusia – Vanities

The itinerary

From the first to the fourth day: Madrid

There are plenty of hotels fabulous in the great capital, among them the Royal Villa, the ME Madrid and the Westin Palace. Restaurants divine: The Umbrella, Ten To Ten and The Dog and the Biscuit, and some coffee in the Plaza de Santa Ana. It also takes advantage of a day to go on an excursion to Toledo, Avila and Segovia. And in the morning of the fifth day, get ready to take the AVE high speed train to Cordoba.

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Andalusia. / Photo: Courtesy.

Fifth day: Cordoba

The train will pass through vineyards and olive groves, and in two and a half hours you will reach this small, intimate city. Without doubt, the mosque you will impact: you enter by a little door unobtrusive, and suddenly the place seems to “explode” into huge arches of red! Having been the capital of muslim Andalusia, you will feel instantly the cultural and religious heritage. Its narrow streets and beautiful courtyards will prepare you for the mystery of the Jewish Quarter. It is also the birthplace of famous bullfighters, such as “Manolete” and “Lizard”, and the famous painter Julio Romero de Torres, who has here his museum.

This is a lovely village to spend the night. The next day, in the evening, you can take the train or a rented car and within an hour, you’ll be in Seville.

Visit the magical Andalusia - Vanities 1

You can also go for a day to Jerez de la Frontera, city of Osborne, and Domecq. Know the wineries and the spectacle of the “pasofino”, the famous andalusian horses, beautiful animals, of Arabic origin to those who teach it to dance!

Sixth to eighth day: Seville

This site embraces us with his rhythm, people and charm. And since in the former area tourist attractions are nearby, it is ideal to cross it on foot or in a romantic horse-drawn carriages. You expect bars, flat wine (to go from bar to bar taking small glasses of this drink), gazpacho, tapas, singing folk music and flamenco and a lot of history. The sympathy of the locals will make you see life with a perspective that is more human, beautiful and joyful. This adventure, you “open up” the spirit, infects you with the beat of their rumbita flamenca and reminds you that you are alive.

When you arrive, run to the cathedral and the Barrio de Santa Cruz, stroll through its streets, small plazas, whitewashed houses with balconies full of geraniums, and a lovely atmosphere. With map in hand, find your spaces favorites. For lunch, we suggest the cervecería Giralda, located in what were some arab baths, and where they offer a tapas-succulent, as well as croquettes of veal, toast goat’s cheese, cuttlefish (a type of squid), and fried bites of Camembert stuffed shrimp.

If you climb to the tower Giralda, you’ll have a wonderful view. Also visit the impressive cathedral, its Courtyard of the Orange trees, the park of María Luisa and Plaza España.

Walk down the pedestrian street Sierpes and includes the chapel of San José. In the end, is the confitería la Campana, dating from 1885, and in that you can have a coffee, paired with “candy fine”. Don’t let going to the Real Alcázar of Seville, even though you have to train you, it is worth. Surrounded by gardens full of fountains, is a palace built by the muslims, expanded in the second half of the XI century by the king Al-Mutamid. Four centuries later, it was restored by the christian king Pedro I. it Is a building with a hand of extraordinary work, which has been for over 600 years one of the “official residences” of the kings of Spain.

There are so many historical places beautiful that I would recommend to stay three or four days in this city. Do not forget to include a boat ride on the river and the excursion to the roman ruins of Italica, in Santiponce. You can also dine in Santa Cruz; there is the restaurant Doña Elvira, who, by all accounts, is the birthplace of Doña Inés, the love of Don Juan Tenorio; sipping a “fried-fish” in the middle of a square surrounded by trees of the orange tree. Your hotels: the charming Boutique Hotel Casa del Poeta, the palatial Hotel Alfonso XIII, the Luxury Collection, the Hotel England, the Doña Maria and the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes.

[Don’t miss: Seville, the queen city of the lids]

Visit the magical Andalusia - Vanities 1

Hotels stunning: the luxurious Marbella Club and Puente Romano. In the picturesque town of Marbella is the Hotel Fuerte Marbella, resort of four stars.

Ninth and tenth day: Granada

Seville, this marvel is about two hours, 45 minutes by road, crossing the beautiful natural park of the Sierras of Cazorla. It is de rigueur to know the hill to the palace of the Alhambra and the Generalife gardens, a jewel of architecture with unique fonts. The caliphs (successors of Muhammad) loved the pleasures, and chose the best site from the city for its wonderful palace! Later, in the center, you can visit the Granada cathedral and the royal chapel. The trip can end here, and return home via a connection in Madrid, either follow the coast.

Visit the magical Andalusia - Vanities 1

3,000 hours of sunshine a year, delicious mediterranean climate, traditions, fun and unique, they make magic this site.

Day eleventh to the thirteenth: Marbella

Of Granada, by car, leading to this paradise, which is just a two and a half hours.

On the Costa del Sol you can spend two or three days of rest and relaxation by the Mediterranean, on the beach, with sunsets incredible. The town of Marbella, in the heart of the city, is beautiful, is full of shops and restaurants.

Puerto Jose Banus, a 15 minutes drive, it is fashionable thanks to its stylish boutiques, restaurants and yachts.

Visit the magical Andalusia - Vanities 1

The views include mountains incredible interspersed with palaces and buildings that range from gothic to Arabic.

Optional excursions

Take the tour of a day on a boat to Tangier in Morocco, crossing the strait of Gibraltar.

Second proposal: walk to Ronda, a magical city that stands as if outside a village, “painted” in the mountains, protected by tricky ravines. Walks through and discover older corners of stone, palaces and churches, especially the beautiful Santa Maria maggiore and its famous and ancient square of bulls! Round, like a postcard from the charm of Andalusia, is a place that is never forgotten.

You can also go for a day to Jerez de la Frontera, city of Osborne, and Domecq. Know the wineries and the spectacle of the “pasofino”, the famous andalusian horses, beautiful animals, of Arabic origin to those who teach it to dance!

Visit the magical Andalusia - Vanities 1

[Don’t miss: Seville and Cordoba, two cities jewel]

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