Virginia Da Cunha, and a cool trip to California –

California girl, as they sing the Beach Boys since the ‘60s, or “gurl”, according to the speak popular and the most modern song of Katy Perry. This could be Virginia Da Cunha, DJ and former Bandana that has no qualms in asserting that the State number 31 of the united States (known by all as the Golden State) is its place in the world. “Concentration of everything that interests me: the show business, healthy living, sport, the sun… I Think that is the perfect destination to live, and I don’t rule out doing so in the future,” he says. Knowledgeable expert of the land, and Virginia had just returned from a new stay there, motivated this time by the invitation to participate as a DJ at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival (LIB). “The truth, I didn’t have much idea what I was going to the festival, in fact I thought it quite ok. I finally did and I could not be more happy because I lived there one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. It was five incredible days, which exceeded any other festival I have ever known, including Coachella (the mega festival that is celebrated in the town of Indio) or one’s own Lollapalooza” sentence.

Before you get there (to the county of San Luis Obispo, on the Central coast of California) Virginia spent a few days in Los Angeles, a city that knows but always surprises you with something new. “I have friends and relatives living there with whom I tend to do everything”, features and then explains that his “everything” is as literal as it is comprehensive and includes activities such as surfing, hiking in the Runyon Canyon Park (“a classic hike through the Hollywood Hillsnear the famous sign”) or the review by the new local popular neighborhoods such as Venice Beach, Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. Almost without respite, the young lists several of them: “For dinner, I recommend Gjelina, an exquisite restaurants and cheese pizzas for lunch, I think that there is nothing better than Cafe Gratitude: organic food and natural juices, but very original” sentence.

“The Coachella valley may have all the marketing, but this festival exceeds it in all. In the artistic offer, but also, and mainly, in the ‘spiritual’”.

In contrast to many tourists (and the great majority of the local) Virginia often choose the bicycle as a favorite mode of transport in a city dominated by freeways and long distances. “If you’ll be staying in the area of West Hollywood you may have many attractions to hand,” he says, and puts as an example to The Farmers Market (“ideal for a shopping demure”), or the Chateau Marmont, the hotel has been declared as the most cool city, full of celebrities and legends of all kinds. “In that bar make the best Moscow Mule (drink a base vodka is usually served in a jug of copper) in the world,” he says.

With his love affair for The Angels fully renovated, the young man then walked to the north of the city, to the vicinity of Lake San Antonio, where he developed the edition 2017 of the LIB, a meeting that was born as a celebration of a birthday and that, with time, was transformed into a sort of “summit sustainable”, where it dominates the music but also yoga, art, meditation, healthy food and respect for the natural environment (mostly desert) where it develops. “The Coachella valley may have all the marketing, but this festival exceeds it in all. In the artistic offer, but also, and mainly, in the “spiritual”, since in each tent there is an actual proposal of self-awareness, whether through yoga, art, cosmic, meditation or the interpretation of dreams,” he says while recalling some of their gastronomic proposals: “I Tried everything but the dishes I remember most are the miso soup and the snack of seaweed,” he says.

The heat, of course, dominated the five days of the meeting, but it was not a problem. “I am very solar and daytime. I love sports, the outdoor life and contact raw with the nature. In addition, I feel that with this festival I found the perfect demonstration of that art does not have to be always tied to the night and to the toxins. In fact, for me it should be exactly the opposite,” he concludes.

As a DJ, Virginia already passed through Miami, Marbella, Ibiza and, of course, Los Angeles, a city that came after the invitation to participate in the opening of Lightning in a Bottle Festival (LIB). “All the tents were decorated with motifs and dreamlike,with one exception, Favela, who was the more ‘earthly’. There I had to pass music to me and the truth is that it was unforgettable. The people connected with the music from the side is very genuine, zero impostado”, recalls the young man, who has put together a must-see video with all the highlights of the place. In its five days the festival brought together artists from all over the world as Rüfüs du Sol, Pump, Stereo, Richie Hawtin, Nicola Cross and the argentine Hernán Cattáneo.


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