Life of kings –

I always follow with particular jealousy the details of the vacation of the arab princes. Their travel summer last for months since the preparations and loaded with hundreds of family members and employees wherever they go, which includes drivers, maids, cooks, nannies, prostitutes, and all the staff need to spend a good season of rest. Move in lots of limousines, planes, helicopters and yachts. Often get into bitter disputes with the neighbors and the authorities of the places where vacacionan when you are struggling to build or remodel spas, hotels, houses. Construct gates and ladders at the edge of the beach, installed elevators and secret passages. In the end, are all a show.

I’m not the only one who will take the eye in these days off. Also the under world is aware of their movements. When the arab princes travel are a juicy target for attackers, since the least loaded are watches, rings, bracelets, and cash. The slightest theft that suffering leaves filled the pockets of a villain, often of high professional performance.

Maybe the fanfare that accompanies them makes them more vulnerable. In the summer of 2014, for example, on a Sunday night, a dozen luxury cars that came with the Le Bourget airport to an arab prince in Paris, were assaulted by a command of eight criminals armed with rifles Kaláshnikov, that stripped of 250 thousand euros and other securities without quantify. The thieves never lost their cold blood. Fired not a single shot and no one was injured. Maybe the gang of assailants remained discreetly to the arab prince and his entourage on the Champs Elysées since leaving the hotel George V, one of the most luxurious in the world. They knew who they were and what they could get in a blow perfectly timed. The assault was so successful that three years later, the French police is still trying to find the culprits.

A few days ago, another arab prince suffered a robbery in the villa we rented in Marbella while having dinner with his family in a restaurant of luxury. The thugs struggled just a little bit to start all the safes in which the prince kept jewels with a value of one million euros. Left No trace that would lead the police to the recovery of the stolen. The complaint was presented by the daughter of the prince at the nearest police station as a mere formality without further details. Overall, it was a theft of anything. They were just a few bills. As you take away a hair of a cat.

At 81, king Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud walks up and down still. In each trip is able to leave half the world with the mouth open. Last march, on the eve of his annual vacation, he decided to undertake a tour of Asia to promote business in Saudi Arabia. If someone is not perceived his presence, came to Indonesia with a retinue of about a thousand 500 companions in which he extolled the presence of 25 princes and 10 ministers. A hundred security guards took charge of keeping out the undesirables.

But that is not all. We know the passion felt by the arabs for gold and Salman is no exception. Got out of his plane by a ladder golden. Many said that it was of that metal. Can be. The royal entourage travelled on six Boeing and apretujaron in a Hercules C-130 506 tonnes of cargo. Was there what more is necessary for the movements of the king during his business trip. Only the most necessary, such as a pair of lifts, portable and luxury limousines. About 600 employees were hired to carry the luggage.

The ostentation of the arab king makes sense to some observers that do not lose sight of the austerity imposed in his nation, which is experiencing some economic problems. Ensure that the arabs appear to wealth while spending their hunger. Mounted on a show for shield to those who want to impress. As it is, there will be those who sweat the gota gorda to put in scene the spectacle of a king who travels with hundreds of companions: mapped places in a lot of planes, make suitcases, loaded, limousines, yachts, helicopters. It is possible that if someone forgets in the land of the golden stair to lose the head. What nerves.

Three years ago the king Salman spent his holidays in the Maldives, but ended up fighting with half the world when it occurred to her to take on the three resorts and install your floating hospital on the beach. Now he’s vacationing in Tangiers in the company of a thousand nearby. To have a good time its employees have rented almost a thousand rooms in luxury hotels. What envy, I really do.


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