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Girl Binary / Know that I am always looking for the most easy and simple to understand from the great systems of monetization of a web page, and at the same time, the forms of positioning, then I’ve stumbled upon a site well, the dictionary seo Romuald Fons , on this site, you will be able to know all the terms on the Search engine optimization ( SEO ) that is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in the results not paid for a search engine,such as google, yahoo, ect. Often called the results “natural,” “organic” or “obtained”.

Additionally, it has a dictionary SEO, to help us know, all of the terms and meanings used in the marketing online, it is not easy to make a web page a day and that the next day this in the first place to search if you have not hired a positioning service, there are many tricks to use, from layout and formatting, colors, also going for key words, which say that your website is the most visited of the internet without the need of a good job of SEO, this lying.

A good course on SEO, the importance of social networks in the traffic of a website, tools and guides for achieving the targets of sales or position of the company or brand, are one of the few things that can be done. Each day increase the number of sites and web portals, and already be not connected to the internet is synonymous of do not really exist, here comes the imperative need of a good positioning.

Another thing that has put me to perform thousands of investigations in the network, the operation of the systems of monetization, such as to take advantage of economic of a news portal, a blog’s content, regardless of the type of content of the same, starting from scratch with Google AdSense which annex to this video where you will be able to know how it works from the most basic to the most advanced.

Thousands of Millions of things to learn, to be able to undertake a business and digital style, no matter where in the world you’re located, what’s really important is your desire to start to make your way in the internet, if you have desires of opening your youtube channel, monetize your website, take advantage of your knowledge, or simply as a hobby, or an entry of extra money, do not hesitate, do not think about it more, remember that when you do what you love, it’s not actually working.

Companies and brands are currently migrating to the struggle for positioning digital as a campaign of print media is not the most important, the vision of the world and of the future are changing, the new young people don’t buy newspapers, everything you consume through the windows of navigation of their computers mobile, your tablet or your PC, highlight in the middle of the marketing digital this is to innovate, to go against everything known in the marketing books media, the times and rules of how to do or perform an advertising campaign have completely changed, we must adapt to the new times, while the millennial become parents of future generations, the centennial are now giving the lights as it will be the future of the world with regard to the way in which we consume products and services, we can’t leave it for after the knowledge of the new rules in marketing that can help us to place our products or services closer to our potential customers, also our knowledge at the disposal of future generations. As always in your we invite you to comment about your opinions and experiences on the topic of SEO and Digital Marketing.

VENEZUELA: you Know That is Google Adsense Experts

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