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Eighty kilos of roasted first quality divided into four ribs imposing. About 16 pounds of vacuum and other 5 carries. Thirty pounds of sausage and 10 other of black pudding. Thousand felipes for the 40 kilos of guts to become choripanes and morcipanes. That is not all. There was more. Because the five senses were stimulated extraordinary from all sides. Not only the palate is relamió with what later came. The smell tingled with the aroma that it gave off the 150 pounds of logs from the olive tree and the oak, which began to give heat just past half past eight in the morning. And, oddly, the eyes were the best part. It all happened in the Plaza de la Marina square in Malaga, a few metres from the Mediterranean sea, with dozens of cruise ships entering and exiting the port. A scenery of luxury which served as a framework for the beginning of the farewell of the participation of Argentina as guest country at the Gastronomic Fair International.

Una multitud disfrutó de un asado estilo argentino sobre la costa del Mediterráneo

Argentine-style in Malaga.

In the land of Pablo Picasso, hundreds of locals and tourists enjoyed from early to observe how a trio of broilers argentine cooked step-by-step roast. Daniel Solomon (51) and caused astonishment with his knife at the time of preparing the ribs that in a short time would begin to be cooked in a large grill portable. The structure, a kind of Transformer iron and sheet metal, consists of four crosses or swords that surround a basket of steel filled with logs and embers.

Solomon, a native of San Martin, and fanatic of Mouth, told them that they was in Argentina a few months before the fateful December of 2001. I was working in a multinational company that closed down and without hesitation too, as thousands of other fellow countrymen, came to Spain to escape from the crisis after the end of the convertibility. He settled in Churriana, near Malaga airport, and from 12 years ago is dedicated to this to do roasts for events and parties with their entrepreneurship, «Life-of-Field».

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To the side of Solomon, shoulder to shoulder, Vicente Lora Ripoll (65), another credit of San Martín, also swelling of Mouth, adobó the meat with coarse salt and sunflower oil as a step prior to the placement of the first rib on the cross. Missing ten minutes to nine. All his life, both in Argentina and Spain, passed close to the red-hot pokers: «I’m a barbecue of profession», was presented.

The third element of the team of roasters argentine is Leandro Medley (42). Arrived nine years ago and settled in Benalmádena, on the way to Marbella, then leave Chascomús. While separating the cuts of the ribs, Medley was identified as a fan of Independent and revealed that before packing her bags and crossing the Atlantic he made a lot of things, among them being secretary of Sports and Tourism of their hometown. The three work in conjunction with the Fabian D’angelo (51) and Sebastian Gosatti (43) and his company «Baobab», which are those who took care of the logistics so that nothing is missing in the great feast of roast organized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, in Malaga.

«We came here with all the experience that we had in Argentina and that’s why we make the difference. Anyone think that a roast is simple, but it is not so. It is not the same cooking for the family to do it for hundreds of thousands of people. Weeks ago, at the Peoples Fair of Fuengirola, we represent Argentina and cook about 4 thousand kilos of meat. He spent close to a million people. So this is nothing if we compare what we have to do,» said Solomon, who also designed the grills and the grills, and is owner of a restaurant in Churriana, where she prepares meals «good argentine» during the weekends for about 120 diners.

Una multitud disfrutó de un asado estilo argentino sobre la costa del Mediterráneo

The presentation of the cuisine in argentina in Malaga.

The team of roasters included the supervision of two of the chefs argentine who came to Malaga to show, precisely, that the flesh is not the only ace in the sleeve of the increasingly sophisticated food in argentina. Soledad Nardelli (Chila in Puerto Madero), and Javier Rodríguez (El Papagayo in Córdoba) were those who ended up given the nod after watching the art of managing the embers of Solomon, Lora Ripoll and Medley. «The roast is impeccable. Are amazing barbecues. They were leading little by little, the meat melts,» said Nardelli after making the first cuts of the ribs that were about four hours into the fire.

Before you begin to serve the portions, the people began to populate the plaza. Many came solely to try for the first time the grilled argentine style. «I came because I heard that they were going to do an argentine asado. Just because of that. If not, was not,» be honest Joseph (52), a resident of Malaga, one of the hundred people who formed a long queue to taste the typical dish «of the gauchos».

Behind him, with a Spanish accent but juan de pura cepa, Diego Luna González (61), went to his palate back to enjoy a roast for the first time in 12 years, since his departure from Argentina. Luna Gonzalez is one of the 1,500 argentines who are registered as residents in the city of Málaga: «Here it is impossible because the meat we eat, as maximum, in grills electric. So not what I thought, and I came with the whole family.»

People are not stopped from parading to receive his portion of meat or meat offal accompanied by slices of bread to assemble the traditional sandwich. Some even chewed with trouble while returning to start the long queue that circled one of the corners of the square.

The minister of Tourism, Gustavo Santos, was elated by the submission to argentina in Malaga and predicted that «the results of this state policy is the Plan to Cook will start to be seen in the next five years.» And he explained: «In the case of Peru, this led to between 10 and 15 years. Have taken a lot of good peruvian experience will allow us to gain time, in addition to the strength that we are giving and, above all, by how the entire world got behind. But this is also a process and we’re going to start seeing some results soon.»

Una multitud disfrutó de un asado estilo argentino sobre la costa del Mediterráneo

The presentation of the cuisine in argentina in Malaga.

Santos also put emphasis on all the changes that were taking place in the recent times. «Tourism is foreign trade, that is time, process, trusted and permanent presence. This is the great challenge of the Argentina: convert to the tourism policy of the state. The main instrument that we needed to exploit already put in place. Is the connectivity. Argentina is going to be another Argentina aerocomercialmente in two years. And before also. In the future the country will be fully connected and that is going to help us so that people will have better prices for travel. This is done, there is that make the installation of a strong brand, a country friendly, a safe country, and serious, that has a lot of natural products and cultural, such as the kitchen, to offer to the world,» he summed up.

The banquet was a bonus track. Malevo, the group conquered the world with their show of malambo, he offered part of his repertoire on a stage mounted to one of the margins of the sector grills. There was a standing ovation for the dancers, who were laid off from a rain of papers, and the admiration of the neighbors and tourists who chose to spend a midday argentinian in the Costa del Sol.

So six hours ago it seemed impossible it ended up being a reality. Little by little, the shelves were emptied and the fire began to extinguish. However, the curiosity of neighbors and tourists remained intact. The best dishes of our region had already left their indelible mark among musicians.


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