What a fake that can change your life inside a car? – LOS40

Your dream has always been to sing, dance or play an instrument in a professional way. You’ve tried everything without much luck. What if we tell you that there is something that you have not yet tried? It’s called carsting and Carlos Jean wants to know if you think you have the talent enough to pull it.

You indicate the dates in which Carlos Jean will pass by your city, find the locations, learn the tune of All The Music One New Party and you already have it.

The new Ford Fiesta which will take place on the casting, in addition, it is perfectly designed to enjoy the best music in its interior, so don’t be afraid to give the do breast in their seats because it is not lost not a single one of their shades.

In the videos you can see on this note Carlos Jean is given a tour around Marbella and is located with two guys that have no problem in getting to sing in front of the producer.

The search for the voice to record the hit that Carlos Jean will launch alongside Ford continues, you can win huge jackpots and up to get the latest model of Ford Fiesta.

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And make a note of upcoming dates:



-Search of the flamenco guitar




-Silent concert

-Session of Carlos Jean in the Fiestas de Leganés





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