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Do you not have a professional camera? Don’t worry, not that you should stop to take professional photos for your web page. A good photo is worth a thousand words. So don’t let a simple device stop you in the pursuit of success for your website or business ecommerce.

It is true that there are certain things that drive your business, such as the positioning of your brand in social networks, the use of content, SEO, and digital advertising. In fact, here you will find more about the content marketing and how to use it. But beyond what you can do to boost your web site, nothing works if your content is not engaging and relevant, but to do this you need a good photo.

If you’ve never been to take photos, or don’t have enough money to invest in a professional camera, not because you limit yourself, because your Smartphone is all you need. Use these tricks to make your phone become your best aliad to take pictures:


There is nothing worse than a picture dark and hard to see. If you have a business ecommerce surely you want to show your products in an interesting way and flattering. If there is not a lot of light, use artificial light, but it also takes advantage of cloudy days, as these are light enough for a better environment.

On the other hand, many novices used just the flash of your Smartphone, but don’t do it, because this is not good to differ the light correctly. It is better that you use a lamp or flashlight and ilumines from the best angle.


Not all cameras have a zoom function good, some can distort the image and decrease the quality. So same happens with the Smartphone, so that you should never use the zoom if you really want quality photos. Not only damage the bulb, but it will also decrease the quality of the image, a thing that all will notice in your web page.

Instead of zoom, get close as possible to the object or product that you are trying to sell. Remember that a good photo shows all angles of the object, but not from far away, do it very closely to really capture the structure of the same.


Not because you’re not a professional photographer you have to let the background of your photo to distract you from the product that you are trying to sell. For this reason, you must make sure to decorate well the main layout, but also the background of your image. Use simple decorations, cool colors or warm depending on the color of your product.

In almost all occasions the best background is white or a single color. If you have any doubts, take a look at some of the photos of your competence or the business of ecommerce to analyze which fund suits you best.

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Remember that nothing is finite until you post it on your web site. For this, use your tools. Looking for the right angle, the plane of symmetry that you want, the focus, the filter and others.

If after taking the photos still feel that is not the photo you were looking for, don’t worry, you can edit as many times as you want. Search for an app that you like, do not necessarily have to be something expensive and complicated like Photoshop, maybe it’s something like Picasa or GIMP.

Are you ready to change the appearance of your ecommerce site? Remember, a good photo says more than anything else, and until you can use them on your social networks. You can benefit from the use of Instagram with these tips in Gananci on how to promote your business. What are you waiting for? It’s time to convert your Smartphone into a professional camera.


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