Three reasons why SEO will save you a lot of money –

Three reasons why SEO will save you a lot of money - 1

A common desire among bloggers, businesses, smes and even larger organisations, is wanting to have the best positioning in the search engines that exist on the web to position themselves to potential customers as one of their first options. That is to say, that when any user search any term related to your brand or business, your website appears in the top results of a search among the sea of choices that shed platforms such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to obtain the highest amount of traffic.

One of the most common errors of web sites, is to believe that it is only with investment in advertising and buying traffic on search engines (SEM – Search Engine Marketing-they are going to get more users on their page. This belief is true, but you must keep in mind that once you stop advertising, if you do not have a good SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimizers) to keep traffic from the search engines, you will lose everything you invested already that it will be difficult to find it again.

It is undeniable that the search engines are one of the main sources of traffic for web portals in the world, so it is very important that both the structuring of the sites as the content published on it, are optimized for SEO, with the purpose of the hearing and future clients to find you easily.

It is as well as the SEO strategies become indispensable if you want to keep a high traffic on your website and that, in addition, is economically sustainable through time. A good SEO strategy, not only will allow you to be more competitive in the market, but you can save a lot of money in the long term.

The main benefits that generate a good SEO strategy for your business are:
1. It is a long-term solution: What makes a good SEO strategy is to give your site credibility with the search engines, who in the course of time you will begin to give ever more priority over the rest of the web portals.
2. Compete with the big guys: A good SEO allows search engines to identify through key words for your category, which makes it independent of the size of their competence, shall give priority to the portals structure and content closer to the users ‘ searches.
3. The best part is free traffic: Even if you must invest in a proper implementation, the positioning will be organic and natural; it is as well as the traffic will not be tied up in an investment for advertising but the number of people searching for words related to your type of business.

Thinking of these needs, The Time Publishing House which owns a large number of web sites and with wide experience in seo, provides a practical course on SEO and web positioning with the goal of teaching from the experience and with practical cases, the techniques to know how to position a page on the web.

There are six meetings for practical face-to-face in which the students will learn to recognize the fundamentals of search marketing, develop SEO optimization on page and implement tools website positioning, measure and analyze results.

Know HERE the course of SEO and web positioning of THE TIME Publishing House.


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