Tragedy on the beach Marbella: Army went to retreat to responsible … – Diario Trome

On grounds of ‘a disciplinary measure to have committed very serious offences’, during the incident that ended with the death of four soldiers of Voluntary Military Service on the beach ‘Marbella’ (Magdalena del Mar), the Ministry of Defence went on to the military situation of withdrawal to the higher EP Klifford Alexis Rey Sanchez.

The investigations in the interior of the Army determined that Rey Sanchez ordered that the troops under his orders to leave at 6 in the morning last June 2 with the direction of the spa in mention. This activity was not scheduled, and led to that lost their lives drowned, then were swept by the waves.

It should be noted that those killed were: sergeant EP Second Bryan Lizana Chavez, out EP Percy Gabriel Galvez Partner, soldier EP Edinson Huangal Alvarado and soldier EP Miguel Angel Leon Lamas.

Suspenden reconstrucción de muerte de soldados ahogados en playa Marbella

The last moments of the four Army soldiers drowned on the beach Marbella.

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