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This Owl imagines politicians ‘pork’ in your favorite restaurants. Alan Garcia ampayé in the underground trough ‘Paradise sadic’, giving course to a source of ‘white whale’ in vinegar rancid from Camargo Correa. The diligent spokesperson of Popular Force, Lucho Galarreta, was filmed in the exclusive restobar japanese ‘Harakiri’, enjoying the dish that identifies, ‘chupín of Keiko’. ‘Sipan’ Velasquez Quesquén in a ramada of the Ramiro Prialé, where the ‘agachaditos’, sipping a steaming broth of head of comptroller. Don’t deny it, it makes your mouth water. As I said the ‘Flat’ Miguelito Barraza: ¡¡To comerrrrrrrrr!!

– It RISES, RISES, PPK: Yes rises, but their disapproval in the country. The survey by Ipsos Peru, after The Child Seaside, she gave a rebound surprising in the polls and was superb. Today, the new figures give the reason to the analysts to more serious, that epitomized this rise as a ‘hiccup’ short-term and also the result of a well mounted campaign advertising millionaire. But it was known that the administration of a president, an expert on the skyrocket to the feet, was to go back to its harsh reality. The survey of June is emphatic. The majority of the country disapproves of the president’s PPK. The numbers don’t lie: endorse a 39 % and disapproved of by 51 %. It does not take a scholar to realize that Chinchero we passed the bill. The moral of the story: the country is not a private company.

– MINISTER BLEAK: Ipsos shows us that the minister was more disapproved of the cabinet is Carlos Basombrío. Not enough actions effective to disrupt mafias provincial, in many cases not as a result of intelligence work by the police, but by ‘puffs’ of political rivals, as was the capture of the mayor of Chilca. Although they are resonant, they are not sufficient to mitigate the terrible climate of uncertainty for the insecurity in the country. Ask the mothers of the boys killed for stealing a cell phone. Or to the occupiers of pharmacies, barber shops, faucets, restaurants and money changers. The police arrive on the scene to ask, ‘where we were’.

– MORENO IS NO longer COLOR SERIOUS: This columnist is not to identify the processes, anti-corruption, because he believes that justice must be equal for all. Why would a investigated in a large case of corruption should be kept in prison? So to the justice, without the influence of the investigated -the ‘big fish’- to be able to act without interference of a thousand ways in the process! That’s why they are behind bars, in Peru and in many parts of the world, several politicians and even presidents. What happened with the Appeals Chamber in the case of Felix Moreno is incredible and I leave the definition in the mouth of congressman Victor Garcia Belaunde: ‘Is a previous ill-fated’. With good reason Heriberto Benitez made feast, because it ensures that you will use the same arguments that Roy Gates to clean to Alejandro Toledo. We are in the country of impunity.

– WHAT to LOOK at ME, CADET: it has Been ten days and up to now the most responsible of the tragedy, the one who ordered that the soldiers involved in the dangerous sea of Marbella, does not give the face. In the reconstruction of the tragedy, the officer was not present, zurró in justice. Everything was all prepared. Why is a civilian, the Defense minister, not able to face by the recruits? Is it because the victims are a few lowly soldiers ‘ranks’, staff, troop, and no officers with gallons? So this is not for those who are ready to put the chest by the homeland and to give your life if necessary. I turn off the tv.

Tragedia en playa Marbella

The last moments of the four Army soldiers drowned on the beach Marbella.

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