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E-commerce has become the basic tool for all those businesses that have taken advantage of the boom of online shopping. The Internet is now the market that millions of consumers are searching for products and services that meet their needs and desires and the fact that a company can be displayed as a result of these searches and to convince the user that your product is what they need to do is a success.

Of course, appear in the top results of search engines such as Google is not an easy task. Leaving aside paid advertising as Google Adsense, which displays ads from companies that pay to appear on the first positions ahead of the organic results, there are plenty of marketing techniques that can be put into practice to be top 1 in Google and capture the attention of potential buyers.

Social networks: by creating a loyal to the consumer

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have become the social networks populated by companies from different sectors of the economy. The beginnings are not easy and, in fact, the great majority of them invest part of your marketing budget on buying followers on Instagram. But it is worth it any type of follower, but the followers real which can be purchased at websites such as

These followers real you will begin to make interactions with the publications of the company in question, which should be creative and attract the attention of all of them with statuses, tweets and images that can become viral to reach a greater number of people present on these social networks. What the goal? Win visibility and traffic towards the website or e-commerce in question.

Imagine, for example, a web page as in which the key priority is to highlight the analysis of different systems of electro-stimulation, tens therapy, tens, compex, etc

In this case, the main goal in social networking would be to attract followers addicted to the sport who share the passion for electrostimulation , and the testing of systems and devices designed to improve muscle. It would also be a valid target in which to accommodate people with different muscle problems that could be treated with any of these systems of electro-stimulation.

Seo services

When you start the long road of online visibility to increase sales, it is necessary to surround yourself with professionals. It is clear that social networks are a good start, but it takes a lot more to appear in the top results of Google and stand out from the competition. Of ahíq eu hiring seo services to position a web page are something essential if what you want is to be top 1 in Google in the long term and to maintain the position.

The web positioning is a set of techniques applied to the web page that can be divided in seo on page and seo off page and that serve to make it clear to Google that our website has the best content to meet the informational needs of the online consumer.

Let’s say as an example a shop selling tvs. What searches will be the potential consumers in relation to the purchase of your next tv? It could be a long list, but sure we would find words like: best tvs, smart TVS, 4K, 32-inch, price-quality, oled,

Well, with the help of a consultant SEO it is possible to appear in the first few organic results of Google for those specific searches performed by a user who is interested in information related to television companies because, probably, you are thinking of buying a new TV soon. That is the key to get a traffic web qualified who are actually interested in the product that you offer.

Copywriting: persuasive and sales guaranteed

The SEO is the key service that any company with online presence should hire if you want to gain visibility and web traffic to the medium/long term.

The problem is that lead to users doing specific searches related to your product to your ecommerce is not always a guarantee of success and does not have to end in a sale necessarily.

To improve that conversion ratio you use the famous copywriting, a technique of persuasive writing increasingly known, used by a copywriter web, specialized on persuasion and psychology of the consumer, is able to convince the potential consumer of that product or that online store are your best choice at that time.

But the copywriting is not only applied in the texts of the e-commerce, but the description of the company that appears in Google as you have to call the user’s attention among the hundreds of results that are displayed. Basically it is to act on the desire or need of the consumer and make him understand that your product is the best to resolve it and this is achieved by highlighting the benefits that their purchase will entail for that user.

Responsive web design: mobile is the future

If all of the above we add the fact that the smartphone has become the device most used by online shoppers, it is not surprising that the web pages and online shops to adapt to it to the greatest extent possible.

The first step was to design responsive and design of applications specific to mobile phones, but probably in the next few years, the trends will continue to a more specific focus to improve the shopping via smartphone. For example, removing the menus and focusing on easier navigation and intuitive, improving the buy buttons and providing a greater fluidity and even designing the pages only thinking of this format mobile.

In short, the eCommerce is the present and the future of the shops who want to increase their sales with the help of the Internet, but you need to invest in Digital Marketing to improve your online presence and stand out from their competitors. The mentioned techniques are currently used, but there are many more and it is a matter of adapting them to every company, market or sector, to improve sales.


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