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With 13 years, Millie Bobby Brown is the protagonist of Stranger Things, one of the most popular series of the globe. The long-awaited second season of the fiction premieres October 27 for Netflix. Before, We spoke with the young actress

The makeup that “no shows” are still evident, and his hair, already longer, it stays slicked back. Nails painted in black have not been through the acetone. You have a vividí white and is cast in its fourth Los Angeles. Hours before being burned herself with the cell, Millie Bobby Brown has lost in the category Best supporting Actress in a Drama Series in the edition of the Emmys this year. She was nominated for playing ‘Eleven’, an enigmatic girl with powers in the hit Netflix, Stranger Things.

But nothing happens. Relax. All cool. “Hello to you all. Right now I am in my bed, I have now finished with the awards. Well, we lost, but, in truth, we won… if you understand what I mean (the zoom goes in and out your face). Yes, people. Yes, yes, yes!”, it says in the video that hangs up in your account of Instagram which has more than four million followers. And he’s right. That night, Millie got to consecrate your star status of fictions (to share the category with actresses talented and experienced) and icon of youth fashion (it was designated by critics as the best dressed. The designer of the rack: Calvin Klein). The popularity revitalized after the gala falls off as a ring hipster the finger because on the 27th of October saw the launch of the long-awaited second season of the series. On this, the new life, courtesy of the streaming and how it protects not to succumb to the curse of the children artists, she talked with We are.

“I can’t tell much of the plot that comes, as you will understand. But yes that will definitely be darker. The will to love”, features the already pre-teenager of 13 years on the other side of the phone. As you know, the show raises the occurrence of strange events in the fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana. The first season is set in 1983. One of them has to do with the disappearance of a child and the relentless pursuit that makes him three of his friends, his mother (Winona Ryder) and the local police. In the searches end up discovering a whole self-talk of the supernatural that involves the government doing secret experiments and a little girl that is not normal: ‘Eleven’. What is known for this second batch, without ‘spoilear’, is that the facts will occur a year later and that the references to nostalgic to a lot of adventure and suspense and the pop culture of the 80s will continue. Just look at the latest trailer, where the protagonists are dressed as ghostbusters, with the background music of Thriller (quite good, by the way).

Millie confesses with complete honesty that she is not involved much in the development of the character, that to leave it to the creators of the show who saved absolute confidence. Nor did any kind of research to get in the dress of the girl with the head almost shaved. And that during the recordings continues to uncover historical data and objects, mind-boggling of the time in which the story unfolds. Things called record players or cassettes. Also the other case of the cast did not treat it as one more of the gang, but rather as the only sister.

Read more this Saturday in the print edition of We are.

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