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Malaga, Spain

Shalini Yadav, a 16 year-old girl with skin of snake from India, has spent several days in Spain where he has been evaluated medically by a group of specialists with the aim of performing a treatment to help to improve your state of health.

This disease is characterized by large flakes of brown and black that appear on the skin of the patients, reported dr. Enrique Herrera, professor of dermatology, chief of service in the Hospital Clínico de Málaga and member of the International Medical Academy, an institution that is trying to the young.

The preliminary assessment of the child suggests that it is a picture skin of ichthyosis lamellar, known as the “appellate dramatic” of “children snake” for the type of skin you have, explained doctor Miguel Ángel Arráez, president of the International Medical Academy.

The situation in which it finds Shalini involves a series of boxes to type painful by the flaking of the skin -shedding every 45 days – and, from the psychological point of view, social rejection can be traumatic. Especially in the context in which lives the small: a village several hours from New Delhi. In a few days you will be introduced to the girl a few eyelids artificial so that you can sleep with the eyes closed.

Shalini, 1.40 metres in height, has been seen by specialists in endocrinology, internal medicine, rheumatology, ophthalmology, and psychiatry of the International Medical Academy and has already begun the treatment in the Clinical Hospital of Malaga, where dr. Herrera is the chief of dermatology services.

Some results will be reached by the genetic background that carries the disease, but the doctor Herrera has assured that the treatment provided to Shalini is for the whole life. The pathology that suffers Shalini has no cure, but the application of the right treatment could greatly improve your quality of life.

In Spain one out of every 200,000 children born with ichthyosis lamellar, autosomal recessive disease, which means that it acquires genetic form when, through the parents, two recessive genes together and the children have a 25 percent chance of being born healthy, a 25-born patients and a 50 being carriers.

The International Medical Academy in Marbella is an association founded the same year that brings together some of the most important doctors of the Costa del Sol in order to help in the research on prevention and treatment of diseases. Is a wealthy person who resides in Valencia that you are paying for the treatment to the young Shalini.

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