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In the mid-nineties, along with the boom of the engines, was born the term SEO, whose initials in English mean Search Engine Optimization. The term refers to a set of techniques that aim at improving in the search engine, in order to achieve positioning a website, increasing your visibility within the large mass of pages that exist on the network and, therefore, preventing it to lose effectiveness as a result of the lag that supposed to be in the middle of the maze of information that represents the Internet.

Precisely, when a user uses the Internet to query a specific topic, don’t read the thousands of results that the page will indicate that there are but only focuses on the first few links are recommended.

For that reason, the optimization of web sites in order to appear in the first places of the search engines is so important; in fact, today the major web sites have specialists dedicated to this task, making it easier to achieve your target audience to see, know and visit your page in a simple way and without much effort.

Now, to be within the top results of online search engines is not a benefit exclusive to large enterprises; it is sufficient to have a good foundation in the technical bases that make up the SEO world in order to achieve an optimization of the publications from its website, which allows you to get close quickly to the top of results of search engines such as Google and, thus, begin to get the benefits that this entails, such as:

1. Allow your customers to find you easily amongst the myriad of websites that exist on the internet.
2. To have visibility within your category when users search for articles or services similar to those you produce.
3. Appear among the top search results when any user searches for your competition.

Learn these techniques allows you to make the difference between a website with high traffic with many possibilities to do business, and a page of the heap. It is for this reason that more and more companies seek to connect professionals with experience and knowledge in these subjects.

Thinking of these needs, The Time Publishing House that owns a large amount of web sites, and with wide experience in seo, provides a practical course on SEO and web positioning with the goal of teaching from the experience and with practical cases, the techniques to know how to position a page on the web.

There are six meetings for practical face-to-face in which the students will learn to recognize the fundamentals of search marketing, develop SEO optimization on page and implement tools website positioning, measure and analyze results.

Know HERE the course of SEO and web positioning of THE TIME Publishing House

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