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Curso corto de SEO y posicionamiento web

Digital marketing is here to stay, and with it, the strategies of website positioning and SEO (for its acronym in English SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION). This is a set of techniques that allow to optimize web sites and digital content in order to achieve a better visibility in the search engines at a very low cost.

For a business, ensure that your target audience find you easily on the internet and visit your page with a minimum investment in advertising is very important, and that’s what makes the professionals with solid knowledge in positioning strategies, digital and highly valued.

These are the main reasons why every professional that works in the digital world should have specific knowledge in SEO:

1. Increases the chances of entering the labour market: companies tend to assess more specific knowledge in SEO techniques before the formal education in digital marketing. In fact, of the total number of job openings related to digital marketing, e-commerce or web positioning is opened in 2016 in, the 95% required knowledge in SEO.

2. Improving the salary range: the job openings that ask for SEO professionals in offer an average monthly salary of $1.445.000, however, have solitudes specific reach 18 million pesos a month. Without a doubt, an area which is tempting for those who are in the active search of job opportunities.

3. The field is in full growth: the brands are no longer content to be present on the Internet; getting to the right customers at the right time is a clear possibility of sale, and as a result, companies seek to maximize their strategy of visibility online. According to the latest report from the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE), in 2015 the online shopping grew by 64% compared to 2014, a figure that represents the 4,08% of the GDP of Colombia. This juicy figure demonstrates the challenge that companies have to achieve position on the internet quickly.

Hence the need for companies to have professionals able to generate a visibility of their brands on the web, that responds to the specific behavior of the digital market in colombia.

So The period of Time Publishing House, expert at positioning web portals, launches its course in SEO and web positioning; an opportunity for all professionals to understand the current needs of the digital world and learn from the hand of the managers of the positioning of portals such as,,, among many more.

It is 6 encounters practical face-to-face, led by José David González, coordinator SEO of the information portals of Time and expert in seo and digital content.

The inscriptions are open here.


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