Blush Cassata is presented in partnership with their first single … – The Rat (press Release) (blog)

An eye-catching new pop group has been surprised in the past few months, although have touched on rare occasions.

It is Flush Cassata, a project formed by Cigarrito Ramos on bass (Kaskivano, The factory), Almond Rooms in voice (Fiction Necessary, Patio Solar), Claudio Porch on guitar and vocals (Playground, Solar, Patient) and Mono-Batero-in Battery (Crab, Kaskivano), and that comes from the informality of the meetings between friends, with a generous quota of YouTube videos shared among all.

That magic is born “Marbella Club Holiday”, a song that highlights the simplicity of the sound of the group and “seeks to convey an atmosphere of the balearic islands, the mediterranean and the festive” as they define it, with a lyric inspired by the society of santiago, the social life, the pessimism and adulthood.

This topic will be part of the first album of the group, ensure to put together songs “avoiding falling into the predictable” and that it will be available at the end of September.

Technical data sheet of Marbella Club Holiday:

Song written and composed by Claudio Porch.
Music and arrangements by Blush Cassata.
Recording and mixing: Ricardo Herrera, and Flushing Cassata.
Assistant of recording: Diego Fajardo
Mastering by Paul Galvez Cataldo.

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