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In the midst of efforts to be part of the OECD, the exclusive group of countries that account for 80% of GNP worldwide, two deaths have dramatic young peruvians remind us how close we are still of barbarism.
Jovi Herrera was 20 years old, and Jorge Luis Huamán, 19, when their lives were eagerly snatched up by the fire and by a system of quasi-colonial slave labour.

Just a few weeks ago we revolted, in the same way, the death of four young soldiers in circumstances marked, also, by the indolence on the beach Marbella. The death of our young people is not being alone physically, with the facet inhuman show of our society, painful losses.

The message that leaves us is that, as a country, we are not able to answer or respond to the dreams of a young peruvian of scarce resources.

I am reluctant to believe that the goal of life of Jovi Herrera or Jorge Luis Huamán were to work erasing chinese brands to forge other. Long hours, locked in, in a container all day and for 20 soles for each working day. As the recruits of the Army of dead, ready to receive orders in many cases abusive, and absurd for a paltry pay.

“Nothing more cruel,” said Al Pacino in Scent of a woman, “to amputate or damage the spirit of a young man, for that, there is no prosthesis”. That is happening in our noses.

What happened again to remind us of the challenges ahead in education in order to compete, at least, with smaller margins of inequality between young people.

It also reflects the barbarism of our informality and the inability of the State to supervise and punish the perpetrators of this type of practices. As in other opportunities, there’s probably not a criminal penalty. It is time, as civil society, to apply, at least, the social sanction: we need the names of those who abused them so vile to these young people.

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