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The first of last July was the date on which the world knew by the middle of the exreina colombia Ariadna Gutierrez the first photo of her next to the billionaire Italian Gianluca Vacchi. That day was the beginning of a movie that still has no outcome.

Apparently, the two met thanks to J Balvin while recording the video of her latest single entitled ‘My people’. Days later, at a party organized by the eccentric millionaire, was able to get closer to Ariadne and since that time have remained inseparable.

The second scene of the film between the colombian 23-year-old and the Italian of 50, took place in the streets of Miami. Perhaps this part of the tape was not in the script, as the couple was caught in a bike very relaxed and cuddled. This day were captured on video by some fans colombians who were asked where they were headed, to which Ariadne replied with a surprised face: “eat something”, after giving him a caress on the head to Gianluca.

This gesture is replicated in social networks, and rumors about a possible romance became stronger. But, despite the evidence, the exreina a native of Sincelejo, explained to the Spanish channel entertainment ‘Hello’, only it was of a good friendship: “Of a truth it was very funny to see everything that led to photography and video, but Gianluca is just a great friend. In addition, it is very fun, but I don’t have anything with him. I am very young and I have a life ahead to be enjoyed”, said in mid-July by Ariadne, who was very safe at that time.

However, the days passed and the couple went up to Instagram several photos of both in different places of the Capital of the Sun. And it was the last Friday 28 July that confirmed what was an open secret, as the colombian singer Sebastian Yatra gave the scoop to share a recording in which Vacchi gives a kiss to Gutierrez while traveling in a private plane.

“The kiss more special time. First, my great friend Gianluca Vacchi sent me exclusive this video stealing a kiss from the beautiful Ariadna Gutierrez,”, said the interpreter, ‘Treacherous’, which makes mention of the title of his new song, ‘Steal a kiss’, which she sings along to the samarium Carlos Vives.

Today, the publication already has over 4200 comments and with 1.500.000 views. The kiss could be part of the promotion for the song premiered Yatra and Live, but judging by the reaction from the colombian, who had no qualms in receiving the kiss, closed eye that gave the Italian, is serious and real.

While this might confirm the relationship, the doubts raised by the users, so during the video, we also hear background the song ‘Steal a kiss’. “Very stolen was not,” said one follower, while another user wrote: “I smell advertising”.

“From my point of view that relationship is entirely commercial. I think that there there is neither friendship nor love. He is interested in what you see with her and she watch it with him,” said the presenter of the program ‘The network’ Mary Mendez.

Despite the criticisms Gianluca and Ariadne continue with their relationship and last week the colombian, he accompanied the baron to a party in Spain. In the images, which were shared on social networks, appears Gutiérrez, next to the Italian, who kisses her passionately in the middle of a party in Marbella, Spain.

But this was not the only time that the couple showed their love during the week-ends. On Tuesday, the colombian posted a picture on Instagram where it appears on a yacht with the Italian, and accompanied it with the message: ‘Serendipity’ next to a heart, which, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, means: “Find precious that occurs of accidental or casual.”

The most recent chapter of this film, that’s still not finished, occurred on Friday when the sucreña published for the first time a photo with Vacchi in which kisses him and wishes him happy birthday.

Everything seems to indicate that the relationship was on the right track, or at least show to enjoy every moment they spend together. However, this is not the first time that the billionaire boast in public to seduce women more beautiful in the world of the show.

“This guy (Gianluca Vacchi) became his life-in-all a performance and is always surrounded by women pretty and famous singers. They say that he simply used to have more followers and increase your popularity,” says Frank Solano, presenter of ‘The Network’.

Vacchi is a prominent man in the world of finance in Europe, owner of 34 manufacturers of motorhomes (rvs) that are part of the SEA (Società Europea Autocaravan). In addition, she serves on the board of several Italian companies and directs Finanziaria Vacchi, a holding company dedicated to the production of machines for manufacturing. Another of his acquisitions was ToyWatch, a watch brand that on several occasions looked to the former prime lady of the united States, Michelle Obama.

This fan of pilates and weights has more than a hundred tattoos in the body and its companies spread throughout the world employ, directly or indirectly, more than 7000 people. In addition, from a year ago went from being a boring businessman to be an eccentric figure in the world of music to become a famous Dj of clubs in Milan, Barcelona, Ibiza and Miami.

Their first videos were made in August of 2016 when they took to Instagram your dance of ‘La mordidita’, song of Ricky Martin. Vacchi danced with his ex-girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele, 18 years younger than he is. Before the avalanche of followers (10 million), Vacchi became a reference of style of life.

It is said that the rupture with Giorgia Gabriele was given a week before the billionaire met Ariadne, and it is rumored that it was Giorgia who decided to put an end to the relationship because he got tired of being the shadow of Vacchi.

Blessed error

“The fate of every person on this planet is already written, and mine is this,” wrote Ariadna Gutiérrez on their social networks hours after Steve Harvey was wrong to say that the winner of Miss Universe 2015 was the colombian, and not the filipino, Pia Wurtzbach.

And is that four minutes were enough with the crown to be in mouth of all, and that what was grateful to Ariadne that little time he had to feel the weight of the crown of Miss Universe before returning it to its true owner. “Today, I am grateful to Steve that mistake, so many doors opened and new paths appeared, that maybe if I had been Miss Universe would not have been able to go,” said middle of last year the exreina, who was born 25 December 1993.

Ariadna Gutierrez

80 candidates participated in Miss Universe 2015.

Special for The Country

And it is not for less, as the contracts and advertising campaigns for Gutierrez increased. It was the image 2016 of colombian brand of swimwear ‘Holy Water’, a brand for which they have modeling personalities recognized at the world level as Kendall Jenner, Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shayk, among others.

In addition, she was invited to special events such as Premios lo nuestro, held in Miami, where he introduced the category ‘Album of the Year’ accompanied by the colombian J Balvin. Also was the image of brands such as Goicoechea, in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, among others. She was invited to the first parade in Cuba by the well-known Chanel brand, where he presented his collection Cruise 2016/2017. As if outside little, in march was included among the 50 most beautiful by the american magazine ‘People en Español’ and was on the cover for the Spanish magazine ‘Hola’.

Another of the invitations that was received by the colombian went to the commemoration of the 15 years of Plan Colombia, held in the White House in the capital of the united States.

To the middle of last year the sucreña shared a picture on Instagram next to the renowned actor Vin Diesel, while they recorded the film’s titled ‘XXX: Reactive’, which premiered in January of this year around the country. In the tape, Ariadne gave life to Gina Roff, a bet woman who was the new love of Diesel, who was an alleged undercover agent.

“We had fun today with Vin Diesel,” wrote the model, who before had shared a video in which he said: ‘we love You Vin!’. The tape raised USD$345.139.591.

Finally, one of the few scandals that has been leading the colombian was linked with an agency of modeling that announced that Ariadne allegedly failed to comply with the rules of your link and signed several contracts without the authorization of the company, and therefore had to pay a fine.

With this agency Ariadna modeled for big brands such as Colombiamoda, Feria Leather, Ixelmoda, Mr. Tea, Jolie de Vogue, among others.

Adopted by her aunt

What many do not know is that Ariadne was adopted at six months when her biological mother, Shirley Alvarez, gave it to an aunt, grandmother, Josefina Arébalo, and the husband of the latter, Wilson Gutierrez.
It was with those last names that you registered to Ariadne, who was raised as one of the six children of the couple.

ariadna Gutiérrez

Always, to the end of the year celebration, Ariadne to visit her family.

Special for The Country

“We have always been proud to be their parents, not because it was reigns, but because it is our daughter,” said the adoptive father of Ariadne.

The small grew, as many other girls, being a faithful viewer of the reign all the years, from his earliest memories dates back to the dream of one day be she who came out triumphant parading with the crown, the scepter and the band, which would make reality a few years later, when the young man became the first sucreña in bringing the title to the department. Swept away with the rest of the candidates in each parade as if he was waiting his entire life for this moment.

Unlike the majority of young Ladies Colombia, Ariadne does not come from a well-off family. He completed his studies at the German school of Barranquilla and practiced volleyball and high jump, sports in which he was to be Selection Atlantic, and attended multiple national and international championships. Now he likes to go to the gym, to yoga and pilates classes. Your height is 1.78 meters and her measurements are 87- 60- 90.

If you find a fairy godmother in this story, is involved, then one would have to mention the cordoba, Fernando Hurtado, that in reference modeling is the closest thing to King Midas. Everything he touches turns into gold and, as expected, so he did with Ariadne to his 17 years. Thanks to the agency Contact Basic, the young woman is positioned as one of the models most important in the country, by means of advertising campaigns, magazine covers, fashion editorials, runway shows and other jobs that only auguraban a promising future.

Prior to participating in the National Beauty Contest of the 2014 it is said that Ariadne by his office was not the type of girl virgin who likes to Raimundo Angle. In addition, it was rumored that he had recorded a video sensual with your ex-boyfriend Carlos Miguel Diazgranados, Challenge participant Morocco. Added to this, due to the exclusivity with the brand of swimwear Caffé Swimwear, and despite having been crowned in Sincelejo, and officially presented to the media as the queen division, Ariadne could not participate in the National pageant of Beauty 2013.

Despite the difficulties, the sucreña overcame everything and now is one of the models most important in the country. It is described as a strong woman, generous, responsible, and animal lover. You have a dog that is called Milan, and two cats, April and Gianni, the latter in honor of the designer Gianni Versace.

The romance in social networks

In Colombia, few knew of the existence of Gianluca Vacchi until the 29th of June, J Balvin has premiered the video of ‘My people’, simple, in which it appears the Italian dancing. Two days later, Aridana Gutierrez went up the first photo to Instagram with Gianluca and from that day began the rumors about their relationship.

Giancula Vacchi y Ariadna Gutiérrez

Giancula Vacchi and Ariadna Gutierrez

Special for The Country

Almost a month after posting the first picture with Gianluca. Ariadne went up to Instagram for 6 days a new publication with the Italian in which to enjoy an afternoon of beach in Spain. Photography is more than 163,000, ‘I like it’.

Giancula Vacchi y Ariadna Gutiérrez

Giancula Vacchi and Ariadna Gutierrez

Special for The Country

Social networks erupted last Wednesday when the exreina returned to posing with the mogul. This time both of them wore very sexy and with very little clothing. The publication, which for many was the confirmation of the relationship, has 170.923 ‘I like it’

Giancula Vacchi y Ariadna Gutiérrez

Giancula Vacchi and Ariadna Gutierrez

Special for The Country

The publication of the colombian was the last Thursday in the evening. In the photograph she and the Italian 50 years old they look very elegant and ready for a night of celebration in which Vacchi would be the DJ.
Some comments accuse Ariadne to be with Vacchi for money.

Giancula Vacchi y Ariadna Gutiérrez

Giancula Vacchi and Ariadna Gutierrez

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