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The day 3 of the Marbella Poker Festival 2016 began as it began, with the brazilian Rodrigo Requiao Strong as the leader of the survivors, although on this occasion the number was reduced to just eight players, who today will fight for the final table from 12:00. The day was longer than expected, something more than nine hours, and during that time we had the opportunity to see the list of deleted was adding names, including the Spanish players remaining in the tournament.

The brazilian player, recently champion of the LAPT Viña del Mar, was a wall for your opponents. No one else managed to stand up, and those who dared to do so ended up taking the path of the rail without being able to do much more than complain. That’s not to say that the bet was easy, because Strong had to deal with awkward situations that to be apartarle of his goal, even though at no time came to give enough to be in danger. When the cards return to fly today, your benefit will be such that you would miss much not seeing it coming in the Top 3.

When everything came to an end, so were the stacks of the surviving players:

Position Player Stack
1 Bob Janssen 2.810.000
2 Amir Zoike 1.655.000
3 Milos Skrbic 2.090.000
4 Rodrigo Strong 7.235.000
5 Michael Ozimek 2.610.000
6 Alexander Voytko 1.370.000
7 Nicola Ristivojevic 850.000
8 Jonathan Schuman 2.325.000

All participants plucked are already in the money with 2.755€ guaranteed, but with the mind set on the first prize of 151.350€ that had come out of a prize pool that reached a whopping 810.240€.

The start, as of any tournament-level crowd, was tremendously dynamic. The short sought to turn desperately to his stack, while the more deep trying not to give a false step that will steer clear of your objective. However, not all were able to achieve this.

Among the first to come out was Luke White, was trembling when he finished it all in preflop against Olov Matias Jansson with {k-}{q-} against {q-}{q-}. The common didn’t bring surprise and White looked tremendously reduced his stack of chips. A stack that would push the center soon after with ace-seven to find against ace-king.

Next to White is bouncing others like Pascal Hocquard Lajoux, Julian Feriolo, June Jenkins, Francisco Javier Zufia, Juan Jose Iglesias Mora, or the own Olov Matias Jansson, David Greene, or the last woman alive in the tournament, the German Jannina veggie burger.

By then, the frenchman Romain Lionel David Feriolo had already begun to make your own. Feriolo, one of the players with the best record remaining life (it has two final tables of the EPT in his belt), started the «sprinkler» to water portion of your chips to the rivals of his table, who were not able to give you the edge. The French lived a roller-coaster ride that carried it from the top to the bottom of the chip counts, for later re-traced, which lengthened their survival in the tournament.

At this stage of Day 3 of the more stories detacadas was the comeback of Miguel Riera «GandalfRM», which had spent the better part of the tournament suffering and that, after two arguments quite fat, I got done with a stack that allowed you to dream of lifting the pick. However, when more comfortable I was, a bad beat him away from the fight for the title. The brazilian Rodrigo Strong crossed his path, and with the run he was having at that time we could not foreshadow anything good.

It all started with the open-raise from a player in middle positions, and the chip leader made the call with position. The hand then came to «GandalfRM» to the big blind, and he moved all in with a stack of 567.000 points. The raiser initial shooting, but Strong paid without thinking too much.

Riera had {9-Spades}{9-Clubs} and Strong {7-Clubs}{7-Hearts}, but it was devastating for him, which he saw as the dealer discovered {8-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}. Your opponent binding them set, but at least the Spanish opened a door to staircase. However, your options are reduced to only four outs when a {8-Spades} appeared on the turn.

The river was the {k-Spades}, giving the pot to Strong and would have Riera to the canvas with a bad taste in the mouth, tremendous.

The list of eliminated followed by filling with names like Manuel Ruivo, who had been a leader of the tournament, Tinlay Tsontu, Nacho Martín Ballesteros, the rocker Kjell Lindqvist, Albert Sapiano, Jonathan Spaeren, or the Spanish Alejandro Vázquez, that after finishing all-in with deuces against the eights of the leader was leaving very close to the final table.

The tournament was then with a only Spanish, the victorian Jon Gonzalez, who fought against all odds to get a player of the navy was at the final table, something that he finished by saying that to be impossible. After a couple of hooked up with the same player, the victorian said of the tournament after failing to overcome a flip that would have come close to the first positions.

A couple of hands prior to the removal of the Spanish, Shuman opened the big blind of Jon from the small blind and this, after much thought, I ended up foldeando.

Act followed, Shuman limpeaba on the button, and Jon decided to roll up to 250,000 points with the blinds 25,000/50,000 mark. This time it was the british that pulled thinking for a while and, after taking a small speech in your mother tongue, ending by foldear between laughter. Jon, who according to their words do not control much English, the laughs don’t liked too much and decided to show Shuman her {q-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} to mark the territory. There began the war that would end just three hands later.

In table of five players, with the basque in UTG and Shulman in the BB, Jon opened up to 150,000. The whole table was wasted and the action came to the british, that almost without thinking he moved all in for 1.220.000, something more than in that time, I had Jon, but not much more. The last representative of the navy will cost a little more to make the decision, but not too much.

Jon: {a-Hearts}{10-Hearts}
Shuman: {8-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}

The flop was devastating for Jon, {8-Spades}{5-Spades}{5-Diamonds}, that of foot, endured stoically while the dealer decubría a {q-Clubs} on the turn, and a {10-Clubs} on the river. No regrets, gave the hand of their rivals, and he left the tournament room, between the applause of many of the friends that were still in the rail.

The tournament was left with only 9 players looking for the final table of 8, a situation that soon would be resolved. On this occasion, he touched the frenchman Romain Feriolo to be left out, a deletion that put point and end to Day 3.

After going through all the possible states in a poker tournament, Romain Feriolo fell eliminated as the bubble of the final table.

Bob Janssens opened up in average positions and was with the three-bet all in for 910.000 the French resident of Spain, probably the player with the best record of all those that remain with life.

The rest of the players were just thrown into the moment, and Janssens did not think even for an instant, to put at risk the tournament of Feriolo.

Romain Feriolo: {a-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}
Bob Janssens: {a-Clubs}{k-Spades}

The dealer descrubría the flop with something of a mystery, but the first two letters that appeared were fulminating to Feriolo, {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}. However, the French got four outs extra with which to do ladder, although neither of them appeared on the following streets.

The turn was a {8-Hearts} and the river a {6-Hearts} who maintained the initial advantage of Janssens and left to Feriolo in the gutter with a prize of 11.245€.

The tournament was left with only eight players, exactly who today, from 12:00, will occupy a seat at the final table. By the time all are guaranteed 14.180€, although the eyes will be placed in the 151.350€ that you will receive the first place.

Pokernews ‘ll tell you everything that happen today on live and direct, for a day that we will know the champion before we play the last events of the festival. Don’t miss it!


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