Challenge of his father, of luxury and tranquility: the new life of Charlotte … – BigBang (Log)

«I fear for your integrity. I’m afraid of that Loan mate to Charlotte, «said Mariana Nannis at the end of last month. Within A few days of this controversial statement, Charlotte Caniggia ended Abracadabra, a play that starred in Carlos Paz, Cordoba, loaded their bags and left Argentina.

Challenge of his father, of luxury and tranquility: the new life of Charlotte ... - BigBang (Log) 1
The new life of Charlotte.

Why was the country after being one of the famous summer? The media was not recognized for his work, on the contrary: it was always in the news for its conflicts, mainly with his ex-boyfriend Ezekiel Medina (former Loan). ad

«My daughter has the syndrome of Stockholm. I fear for its integrity. It is not silver, are the bumps. I’m afraid of that (Loan) matt. The leaves enclosed. Don’t let it make presences and even broken cell phones. This is the third that is broken,» he said Nannis to Faces.

Challenge of his father, of luxury and tranquility: the new life of Charlotte ... - BigBang (Log) 2
He finished the work and went to Marbella.

Lthe daughter of Claudio Paul met Loan in September 2016. After several twists and turns, the guys were boyfriends. In December, the media was left out of the Dancing by a dream, but did not sad: he lost in the game, but gained a boyfriend.


Charlotte asked him for a Loan to go to Cordoba. But this was not a good idea: December to February, the guys were in the news for its conflicts of a couple. In addition, there were allegations of gender-based violence and to blows between the singer and Alex Caniggia, who always devoted himself to caring for his sister.

Challenge of his father, of luxury and tranquility: the new life of Charlotte ... - BigBang (Log) 3
Does it return to Argentina? The media has no date of return to the country.

What was the «straw that broke the camel’s back»? Then go back and forth many times, the guys had a strong crossover in a venue in Carlos paz. After several screams and runs, Alex ended to blows with several patovicas why? the singer would have seen how her sister was harassed by Loan.

Challenge of his father, of luxury and tranquility: the new life of Charlotte ... - BigBang (Log) 4
Charlotte went to Spain. Loan, who says that he is still dating her, he stayed in Argentina.

Despite all the problems that were in front of the cameras, Charlotte always said that it was very happy next to Loan. But the separation was imminent. «It didn’t work. Were six months of dating intense. It was a relationship with a lot of skin, and passion, but I think there was also love. We were able to know each other and there emerged differences,» he told the media.

After all the problems that starred in Charlotte, her parents got tired of it: you had to put together their bags and taken out of Argentina where it was? Momentarily, until the «waters cool», the media and his brother are in Marbella, Spain, where they lived almost all his life.


A publication shared Charlotte Caniggia (@chcaniggia) 17 Mar 2017 to(s), 2:05 am PDT

What are you doing now the brothers Caniggia? Last week we took a plane and returned to his mansion in the coastal paradise Spanish. There they met with the former player of the argentina team and enjoyed the afternoon with the family.

As expected, the guys managed to «escape» the target of criticism. But did not let go of their customs: living exhibiting all of their luxuries in social networks.

In addition to displaying all of the vehicles you have, the media also took the opportunity to display, where to rest: the place he chose to be «unplugged» is Puerto Banús, a luxury place that is chosen by stars of the jetset.

And What About Loan?

For his part, Ezekiel tries to stay connected to the media. Despite the fact that sources close to the family Caniggia ensure that the boys are separated, the singer said that he is still a boyfriend with the media.

Charlotte helped him get faster to the media. And it’s not going to miss this incredible opportunity you had. Far from getting bad by the travel of the media, the singer continues to full with «his career»: you’re doing tours all over the country and also tries to show the different programs on television.

«We are still dating. Charlotte went to visit his family,» said Loan in the program «The ant imperial», whatMarian was afraid that you kill the daughter? Asked Roberto Pettinato between laughter. And the media responded: «The family don’t like me much. All I want less for the same (laughter). The important thing is that now I am doing good with my career«.


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