Rescue in Spain to 13 female victims of sex slavery – RT in Spanish – international News

The National Police in spain has released a 13-citizens of Bulgaria who were forced into prostitution in the city of Marbella, in the southern province of Malaga. The victims of sexual slavery were brought to Spain with promises of a better life for the members of a network of international character, but then were forced into prostitution.

According to the press release of the Police, the women were rescued after a long three-year investigation carried out with the coordination of Europol and Eurojust in Spain and Bulgaria simultaneously. Result of the operation has been stopped also 34 members of the network of prostitution, 26 of them spaniards and eight bulgarians.

The purpose of the criminal organization was to obtain absolute control of prostitution in the whole of the coast of Marbella. To do this, the members of the network sought to women in the most deprived areas of Bulgaria and convinced to move to Spain, promising them a better life.

Only when you reach the iberian country women realized that the plan was to force them into prostitution. If they refused, the members of the lattice threatened them with abuse them and their relatives in Bulgaria.

The victims had to engage in prostitution in the luxurious area of Puerto Banús looking for the streets to foreign tourists and well-heeled, preferably drunk. In addition, the women had to commit small thefts of money, of objects of luxury and of the cards after you have been set in the PIN code while their customers were making payments.


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