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The singer Eros Ramazzotti has deployed a wide range of resources, beyond the eternal condition of seductive Italian, to fall in love with the public of the festival Starlite in Marbella (Malaga), in the only concert of the composer roman in Spain.

The performer has shown his facet more comical and theatrical way, has joked with his musicians and with the public, has encouraged the close to 3,000 attendees, improvised, has shown his mastery of the guitar, and even has sung in English by imitating Elvis Presley.

Who expected to see the Ramazzotti more melodic will have been surprised by a direct potent in that it has primacy an essence more rocking, with versions more rhythmic of the great hits of the Italian singer.

Rammazoti, the eternal, seductive Italian - THE DEBATE 1Rammazoti, the eternal seducer Italian. PHOTO: kissfm

According to EFE, especially in the first part of the concert, where the composer has interpreted their creations more forceful, as ‘the shadow of The giant’, ‘The time will not listen to reason’ or ‘Fable’.

The second phase of the performance, one of the four unique events scheduled by Ramazzotti this summer, has included some topics more acoustic, as ‘An important story’ or ‘Another like you’.

There have been ballads ever of the Italian singer, topics so recognizable as ‘If bastasen a couple of songs’ or ‘Things of life’, the most applauded of the night.

«We’re going to sing songs, that is better than talking, because talking makes it around the world,» he announced with his unique nasal voice of the interpreter, which has encouraged attendees to «make love, which is better than making war».

Communicative during the entire concert, Ramazzotti has fallen of the stage nestled in the quarry of Nagüeles to interact with the public, has been interrupted on several occasions, his performance with the purpose of joking with some of the viewers and has been placed at the neck of the flags of Spanish and Italian.

The singer ended the concert with a beautiful and extended version of ‘Music is’, before giving away to the public three encores, the first of which, ‘An angelo disteso al sole’ has been interpreted only on the stage, helped by an acoustic guitar.

Rammazoti, the eternal, seductive Italian - THE DEBATE 2Rammazoti, the eternal seducer Italian. PHOTO: youtube

Ramazzotti, age 54, has raised up from their seats to the spectators to dance ‘Fuoco nel fuoco’ and, as with the devoted audience, has put a definitive end to the evening, performing ‘The most beautiful thing’.

«Thanks, Marbella, beautiful», has targeted the singer of the roman district of Cinecittá, who has sold throughout his career, more than 65 million albums.

Ramazzotti began his minitour on the 27th of July with a concert at the Greek island of Mikonos and last Monday, he appeared at the Summer Festival of Monte-carlo.

After the evening in Marbella, the next and last scheduled appointment for the time by the Italian composer will lead you to act in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, on the 19th of August.


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