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When we live from our web page, we are interested in, and a lot of, this well-positioned. What does it mean to be well placed? Being well positioned means to be among the top 3 organic results of Google. It is known that the consumer does not proceed past the first page of Google to solve their doubts, and the first three are the most reliable for them.

If we manage to be among the first three we have a lot of cattle. So we’re going to work for it.

Here are 5 tips to make it easier to this goal:

  1. We need good content and quality on our website

Optimizations “on page” are really necessary. With a good content on our website is what we will more easy to Google in order to know that we do, and how you should qualify. Since the birth of Google Panda, an algorithm of Google that I do a cleaning in the rankings coming to penalize those pages with zero content or poor quality. And above all, never but never be put copied content, or use indiscriminately keywords.

We must seek a content-oriented reader, that may be of interest to you and contribute value, treat topics with depth.

A good idea is to have a blog on our website. This will allow us to talk about interesting topics and provide easily content. And to think that the purpose is not SEO but rather to contribute content of interest to our user.

  1. The key words are our allies

With the use of “keywords” will help Google to know what we do, what are our strengths and what we want to convey, so he will be able to qualify.

When a user goes to Google, he wants this to give you the best answer, and we’ll be one of these responses if we use the specific keywords.

What is needed in this second point is to conduct periodically analysis of key words. Find out what and how questions for users of Google to get results related to what we offer.

It is also good to analyze the keywords used by the competitors, with programs such as Semrush or Serpwoo.

  1. Good network of links

We need to other relevant pages that point out to us with links. This will indicate to Google that, if a web good points, we are also good.

This could be purchased with the football. Is not the same as Messi say that we are good players that tell a player from a team in the third.

The more links we have, the more Page Rank.

A good network of internal links is also very important, as we weave a good web, consistent, and strong.

  1. Optimizations constant

We have to keep in mind four points:

  1. The keyword should be in the url. As in the page of Trendhim.

Do you want to improve the ranking of your website? Follow these 5 ... - IIEMD Digital Marketing 1

Do you want to improve the ranking of your website? Follow these 5 ... - IIEMD Digital Marketing 1

  1. In the title of the page, you should be also.
  2. In the first paragraph of the text and in bold. If we take into account the HTML, the bold will not be “notepad”, but “strong”

the <strong> KEYWORD </strong>

  1. H1 – H2 must also contain the keywords.
  1. Information is power, control everything that happens on your website

Use Google Analytics to know how is your website, what behavior has your audience.

This will allow you to improve your content, and hit the use key words.

With Google Analytics you can use applications such as the Dimensions, Secondary, Filters, and Segments, where you can find out the search terms most frequently in the search engines around your brand.

And as a last tip, UPDATE your content and your website. It shows that you are a active page. A good work will bear its fruits.


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