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Query is an anglicized form popular in the marketing makes reference to any term entered in the search engines, Query refers to any query that a user performs using a search engine, for example, Google, through a keyword, or keyword, while in the case of the computer is attributed the term to a review, update, search or insertion made at a database.

Examples of the Query:

An example to illustrate that is the Query is the realization of a campaign that combines techniques organic search and paid ads (SEO and SEM) for a signature of Pajamas for children. In this case, probably the keyword ideal would be “tyrants of babies”. However, searches of internet users will surely include, in addition to the keyword exact “tyrants of babies”, various alternative options in English or Spanish as: “Robes sleeping girls”, “Monkey children”, or “evening wear for babies”. It is there when we look at which search queries or search query of a sector is a set of phrases more extensive than just the keyword, or keyword.


Query serves to optimize the process of managing SEO of a website and helps to have a broader concept of the phrases that the visitors can be found in the network. Query serves as a resource to generate business opportunities and brand name, in addition to create opportunities positioning in the search engines.

A query will reflect a SERP optima (Search Engine Result Page) or as it is known in Spanish, a search results optimum, a second term that is linked to the Query and makes reference to the page that is given in a search in Google, through its various inputs and where the ideal is to be among the first places of visibility. In the search query, the Queries and the keywords have an importance that is undeniable, because the analysis of these served in any marketing strategy 2.0, and with much more force in the SEO, plus they are concepts that apply to any brand, company, product, or virtual business.

What is Query:


How to know the position of a website in Google

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Importance of a Query:

The importance of a Query is related to the algorithms of Google and the effect that arise in them, that motivated these algorithms are becoming more flexible in terms of the searches that users perform every day, there are more humanized, allowing the words or phrases should not be structured, or to be 100% rigid in relation to the key words or keywords. This variable makes any Query to be useful for a company or brand is positioned in the search engines, hence to expand the search range beyond the key words is just as useful in a strategy of positioning.

This does not mean that keywords have no importance in the strategies of marketing, however if you are losing weight, mainly due to the constant modifications that suffer the algorithms of the search engines where the exact match is not compulsory, it is important to expand the range and not only stay with the surface of a search.


The term Query works in the marketing through the expansion of the search field, allowing you to the owners of the sites to see above and beyond in a strategy of positioning SEO. This is possible thanks to the modifications that have suffered the Google algorithms, which seek to meet all the needs of internet users regardless of the structure of the sentence that is placed in the search engines, something that has been improving with the time.

It is important to clarify that the queries will work and will be modified according to the search intent or the tendency which exists at the moment, that is to say, that the Query shall be subject to the timeliness and importance which has a phrase or word, for example, relevant news, or a word ambiguous as a bank that holds the same name of a country, and in the search engines to reflect the more important of the two questions. From these factors an expert can generate marketing strategies to stick to the first places of the search engines.

A keyword would be the ideal concept, that is to say the terms that are typically used by users to explore a particular on the web. While a Query, unlike the first, is attributed to the word or phrase that finally the user ends typing in Google or any other search engine. They can even be words that many times are poorly written, with spelling mistakes, incomplete or missing accents. That is to say that the performance of a query applied to the reality in search of a concept.

With this concept, we now have a greater vision of the trends of Digital Marketing and new technologies.

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– Query is an anglicism which in English means doubt or query, and in the marketing makes reference to any term entered in the search engines…discover the latest news here!


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