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The magazines of the heart of the high-end of the 90s the copaban ladies laughs and excesivísimas of high society that taught us their homes, went to festivals, charitable recharged with their best joyones and spoke without hesitation of their family life. Unfortunately, these personalities have given way to sosísimas modelis rolled up with footballers or actresses of tv series, clone to each other, bundled with singers and triunfitos that do not speak to the press “to protect their privacy” but tweeted it up when you have a rotting stomach. What has happened to the people that knew as ‘jet-set’? Where are today Gunilla, Cuqui Fierro or Lita Trujillo? ‘Oteradas’ tells you so.

Gunilla, the queen of Marbella


We started this review by the muse of the absolute golden era of Marbella, Gunilla Von Bismarck. All we remember eternally tanned, with a flat rate of dye rubio and the party continues next to her ex-husbandLuis Ortiz. Well, everything remains the same except for the last point: «the boites now I’m not going, because I am not with the people I love,» explained a few months ago, teuton. «We were sleeping for the day and we party until dawn. That’s not what we do. I wake up every day at eight», she reveals.

The great-granddaughter of chancellor Otto Von Bismarck is now devoted to traveling the world: “I Live between Switzerland and Los Angeles, where they were installed, my son, my daughter-in-law and their baby. When I come to Marbella I’m going to a friend’s house or my brother”, reports., Our Guni don’t think you have to justify your hedonistic way of life: “People believe what they want. Come to me that the more I give! Do I live from a salary to the public? No. Do I get paid that I censor? No. Do I have to something to someone? No. Well, that, that leave me quiet”. Simply ma-ra-vi-llo-sa.

Lita Trujillo, ruined


Shared poster in movies with Paul Newman, had a torrid affair with Anthony Queen, in the 60’s it became customary holiday marbella… however the muse of the jet, and the widow of Ramfis Trujillo, the son of the dictator of the dominican republic, is now a time of complicated economic: completely ruined and has had to leave his mansion in La Moraleja to go to a pisito of 200 square meters: “I don’t get out of my amazement of all that I’m living in the past few months. I never thought that I could see myself in these circumstances”says.

Lita lamentaba recently to the daily newspaper ‘The World’ that his friends of high society seem to have forgotten it: “All the world has lost your phone lately,” he said. However, even if you already do not have Rolls in the door of your home, personal service to their orders or parties of posh in Puerto Banus, Lita is not broken and threat with a book of memories: “That they throw all to tremble”. Deseandito we know what you can count on this great among the great.

The drama of Cuqui Fierro


The image of Cuqui Fierro I hipnotizaba when small devoured with passion the pages of the magazine ‘Hello’. That lady ultramaquillada, entry into meat, with the hair of the top of the lacquer it was all fascinating. He has spent a quarter of a century, and Cookie is exactly the same. Without a lineage, a dynastic that endorses, this muse of the high society of madrid made no secret of his lack of pedigree: “I Know many aristocrats who are lovely, but others will look over your shoulder because your grandfather killed him with a spear, the Cid Campeador. Hey pretty! My father came out of nowhere and battled to achieve all that he did”. Granda is a little.

Cuqui it has gone through hard times that have withdrawn from the social life and the glitz: In 1996, passed away his daughter Marta and the 2012 lost another stem, José Manuel, victim of a cancer. “I don’t want to do big holidays. I have gone on a winning streak very bad, the first two months I lived it with courage, but then fell into a tailspin, I didn’t feel like or to go out or come in.” Good luck Cookie!

Marta Chávarri, whatever you do… go on, get her panties!


Daughter of a diplomat and the great-granddaughter of the count of Romanones, Marta Chávarri was the first ‘it-girl’ in Spanish. His mane blonde and her natural elegance conquered the high society of the 80’s and 90’s, which named her ‘Lady of Spain’ when it boasted the title of ‘Marquise of Cubas’. There was No shortage of scandals such as his infidelity to Fernando Falcó with Alberto Cortina or one time I was caught in a nightclub with no panties.

After his voluntary retirement from public life went through difficult times: he had several admissions in the López Ibor, and a domestic accident that deformed her face the past year. Now has been restored tranquility of the past. “I am happy and peaceful with my life. I dedicate myself to paint and be with the people I love. Nothing more.” His son Alvaro, one of the singles goldis your best support.

Pitita Ridruejo, the friend of the virgin


The elegance, the education, the perfect combination between traditional values and the respect to the new times has a name: Pitita Ridruejo. Although every time we see it less, still continues to attend to the cocktails more ‘chic’ of the feasts of the society. Among his friends include names as varied as the duchess of Alba, Alaska or Tamara Falcó. This widow of a diplomat, that already counts with 84 springs, he dedicates his free time to investigate about the marian apparitions: In the past year, he published a book on this topic.

Those that are still active: Cari, Nati, Isabel, Carmencita…


Not all of the queens of the ‘jet set’ have always fallen into oblivion. Some muses of magazines of bunting of all life to resist the onslaught of the extremely boring Paulas Echevarrias, the expendable Ursulas Corberós or avoidable Mirandas Makaroffes of turn. Nati Abascal, Cari Lapique, Carmen Martínez Bordiú and especially Isabel Preysler continues to be a claim for any social event worth its salt and their exclusive perched in the magazines of the heart are still trading higher. And that is for a long time!


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