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Keep up to date is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing, especially in regard to the positioning in Google. The rules of the game change time and time again and that gave excellent results in 2015 could lead to ruin in 2017.

It is not necessary to go crazy or be afraid to apply new techniques or to keep comes running. But yes, it is important to be aware of the tendencies to not invest the time, effort and money on something that may not work.

When you say SEO you mean…

For those who are not familiar, SEO stands for ‘optimization in search engines’. These engines (also known as engines) are not another thing that Google, Bing and Yahoo! and several others that exist. The ‘optimization’, for its part, refers to the strategies that apply to a site to be positioned among the first search results profitable.

SEO requires knowledge and a lot of work, because the strategies tend to be complex and extensive, depending on the competition. You should therefore carefully evaluate if it will be an investment suitable or not.

A detail: the SEO is also called organic search or directly positioning in Google, as this search engine covers almost 80% of the global market, according to the portal NetMarketShare.

What are the searches profitable?

I always give the same simple example: if you have a shop of designer shoes independent and want to sell Online, you’ll want that every time that someone searches for “shoes of the author” or “shoe artisan” your site comes out in the top positions. While above locate your site greater will be the volume of people who access it each time they search for products like yours in Google.

There is a quick way for you to be in the first positions through platforms in which you pay each time someone clicks (PPC) like Google AdWords. And although this system gives almost immediate results, its benefits are suspended instant in which we pay the high costs per click.

The SEO, although delay in giving results, is a long-term investment than those with lower levels of maintenance remains very cost-effective at the time. In addition, well-made things, the client you get is more faithful and precise.

To understand it in a simple way: pay per click is like going to the grocery, investing in SEO is like planting a garden of your own. Both are useful but in different cases, everything will depend on our business objectives.

Hands on: how to target the SEO strategies in 2017

It is impossible to summarize all that should be taken into account to perform a good SEO strategy in 2017. Not only by the amount of data to consider, but also because each company is a separate case and there are no roads fixed for all.

In general, we need to understand that SEO in 2017 has three major parts: the code of the web site, the content and the link building (known as link building).

For the three aspects is very important to start with a keyword research and the intentions of search, to know how users search for your products and what terms are more convenient to use. With that information, it optimizes everything else.

1) On-Page SEO

At this point is to tell the search engines in their own language, so that it is very easy to understand what is on our site. It is also to repair all the structural failures that may have the page, since the malfunction or disorder are reasons for that Google download our site in the rankings.

What is optimized in the code?

On the one hand is to optimize the so-called ‘meta information’ (titles, descriptions, H1, H2), the URLs and the overall structure of the site. The structure of internal links (which is very important), redirects, and broken parts or outdated site. Everything must be aligned with the key words and the intentions of search that we selected in the beginning.

It is also important at this stage to set up the console correctly for Google search (or Search Console, formerly called the WebmasterTools) and Google Analytics accounts (or the search engine that interests us). This will serve to collect very useful information: we will know if our actions work or not, and we can take better decisions in the future.

On the other hand, according to Smart Insights, each year grows by 58% the number of sessions initiated from mobile devices, that’s why the web design should be responsive (adaptive to mobile) and do not take too much to load.

To facilitate this, in October 2015 Google launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP is a framework (as a pre-defined structure) that is installed in a web site and makes it much easier for your acceleration. This improves the user experience and in turn, Google takes it as an important criterion at the time of positioning the sites. During 2016, more than 40% of news web sites have implemented it, and during 2017 the trend will continue. So if you have it, you’ll move more easily in the ránkings.

How do you find and repair the errors of the web?

The simplest way is to get any platform to crawl (crawler) error SEO. ScreamFrog is one of the most used, by be free, simple and effective. There is easily obtained a list of arrangements that must be made.

If you have web development skills, perhaps you can solve most of the errors on your account. But if not, simply send them to the webmaster or a web developer for correction. In this process it is important to provide the chosen keywords.

To check the loading speed and the efficiency in the display of the website on different devices, the tool most recommended is to Test my Site from Google.

When you have all that configured, you’ll have your car ready to hit the road. But the journey is just beginning!

2) Contents of the web site

Be careful here, because in 2017 the SEO will continue with the trend that has been growing for several years: the importance of the content. It is long to explain, but we can guide our content policy thinking in a simple phrase: if you want to position, we must be the best of the web for that search.

How to achieve that?

Search for your keywords in Google and see what type of results delivery, which is what the first posts (your competitors SEO) and what you can offer that is really go beyond. If they offer a list of 20 tips, offers of 50 or 100. If you want to dream to be the first in the searches that you track and keep you there long-term, you must deserve to be in that place. Therefore, invest time and energy on the content: it will be worth it.

Some tips for content SEO in 2017

  • Quality more than quantity. It is always better to have a few postings extensive, interesting and up to date before that a large amount of URLs internal that contain only one or two paragraphs written.
  • Grouping your keywords. Before it used to make an internal page for each variation of a keyword that we would like to position. For example, a URL for /shoes-red, another for /shoes-green-summer, the other for /shoes-blue-marine, and so on. Now, for key words that may be grouped into a ‘family of words’ it is better to have great content that fits all. To know with what criteria to group them, think about the search intent of the user. What is it that you want? Maybe you are looking for colored shoes to be able to see all and choose the one you like most.
  • Pictures, please: while it is very important to have long texts, well-written, interesting and easy to read, the visual has a huge importance on the entire web. There are many searches which result ideal includes a video, an infographic, and even a set of memes! Think of your content form and media evaluates what is the best way to tell your story.
  • Videos, a great idea: keep in mind that Google competes with Facebook via YouTube, in the generation of content in videos. In addition to the results of YouTube many times also appear on Google, so if your item required it is important to consider to make efforts to maintain a YouTube channel. Remember to always upload the videos with subtitles, descriptions, and keywords according to your strategy and what you want, and consumed by your users.

3) Link building

Link-building is usually the child is misunderstood by the SEO. It was fertile ground for practices SPAM which gave excellent results, until Google swept the web with big penalties for those who abused the links. From there it was a mixture of fear and paranoia of making links, and even many people saying that no longer serves. Nothing less true!

According to several sources, such as this research, the links are still outstanding as the main factor of the positioning. That is to say: what is more important to position a site is a good strategy links. It is not the only thing, but without a strategy of links it is almost impossible to get a good position.

In what is based the importance of link building?

If other sites in your same field or other general sites important are links to your website, Google interprets that you are a good result for searches of that item. Following the example of the footwear, Google will prioritize always to a site that is mentioned (with links) in several newspapers of renown in the most important places of fashion and even more, in sites specialized in footwear. If the link comes from government websites (.gov) or educational institutions official.edu), much better. All of these sites on the web, have ‘authority’ in the matter and the mencionarte (with link), you convey a little of your authority.

What should you have a good link?

The best link you can have is a good site of our field or in a note that talks about topics related to our products. To measure the quality of the website is usually to use the toolbar Moz, a browser plug-in Chrome that indicates from 1 to 100 how much authority you have a domain. The higher the number, the more domain authority (DA) and the greater the convenience of having a link on that site.

The link (also called backlink) ideally must be located in the middle of relevant content to the themes you want, surrounded by our key words and a good article, with pictures. We need to have links on multiple domains and keep building in a progressive way: it is not ideal to make many links at once, but stagger the amounts in the time.

It is also very important that we have variety both in the domain authority of the sites that mention us as the way in which we put the backlink: if it always appears at the beginning of notes of 500 words, to the side of the photo, with the same keywords and the same Url, it will be the subject of suspicion. That’s why it avoids easy solutions and agencies that offer hundreds or thousands of links in a short time. You must have patience, focus on creating quality content, and know that all the options fast are detrimental. No one wants to receive a penalty from Google!

In short:

In a nutshell, the complex and extensive way of positioning a site can be summed up in:

  • Carefully evaluate if it will be worth the investment: will it be profitable? do we have the money to invest during the whole process? Remember to stay in the middle, it’s a big waste, in every sense.
  • Do a keyword research and intentions to search: choose the best opportunities, that is to say words that have many searches and low competition.
  • Put the internal code of the page: to correct errors along to your webmaster, it optimizes the meta information and internal linking structure.
  • Invest in content: researching your SEO competition and become the best result to users that are searching for your products. It prioritizes the quality!
  • Build a profile of links to varied and progressive: little by little, take care that your site is being linked on sites of quality, relevant, and/or specialists in your topic.

It is not easy or quick, but remember: like having your own vegetable garden, the results you get will be incomparable. Good luck!

Writer originally by Neolo


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