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Good web design is an essential part of the framework of an online business. It is understood as the perfect showcase for potential clients in any part of the world, and is set up as a effective and very visual to distinguish themselves from the competitors.

The presentation, the aesthetics, plays an important role, but it is not the only thing. Lto page should be simple enough, contain useful data and be effective, in short, to facilitate the navigation of users, so that they can complete a satisfying experience. It is necessary to end acquiring your products or services.

Host web hostings free, abuse of pop-ups or pop-up windows, make use of flash effects that make it easy to read or to organize information in ways that make it difficult to find what you’re looking for, are some of the most common mistakes of web design.

To not do so, it is best to have a specialized company dedicated to the design of professional web pages. To find it, we review the characteristics of one of the best in Spain, as is Study 27.

Offers custom designs and easy-to-use

The aesthetic, as we mentioned, is one of the factors that enable a website to distinguish themselves from the competition. Therefore, that innovation and creativity are a hallmark of a web design company, invites you to hire its services. As it says in the old saying that Study 27 sets out on its website, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

The factors to consider in the present, explain, going beyond usability, or the web architecture, and delves into the layout. “A color or an appropriate image in the right place can convert a visitor into a future client”, they explain.

Each customer comes to the web design firms with few needs, so that you are required to know how to give tailored solutions. The page should be easy to use, in addition, for the management of the business for which it is responsible, and the potential client. A design responsive that adapts to any mobile device, a speed of minimum load and the ability to generate engagement are key.

Has competitive prices

It is difficult to put a price on the work that plays a professional, which is the that you must estimate how much it is worth which makes. But also it is realistic to set prices, because consumers have to find the highest quality at the best price.

Following the philosophy of Studio 27, 490 euros may be a reasonable price for a full page, and with better quality than others that cost twice as much. “Do not pay more than the mind”, appeal from their website.

Offers web hosting

A hosting that fits the needs of the client, that allow a service self-managed, and that meets all of the technological developments today, such as SSD drives or the antivirus. It also adds points to the time of choosing a web design company.

The web hosting should also include the use of corporate email, have enough, make regular backups and have a panel of actions that make it extremely easy to handle. Study 27, for example, offers a basic package for less than 80 euros per year.

The technical support works perfectly

Any webmaster has to regret ever falling for the server. That’s why a support that works very well is also a condition sine qua non to hire a hosting, is the hand of a web design company or not.

These can have a period of technical support that does not require additional costs. During the same, the communication must be fluid and transparent, something extensible to the whole process of web design. The normal and required that the company work in all time in contact and consensus with the company that handles the web.

Works SEO

Good web design is also good for SEO, especially by the pillars already mentioned: design responsive, low speed of loading and clarity to find information.

For web designers can do more to improve the results in search engines: they can be optimized. To do this take into account the blocks accessibility, indexability, content, and meta tags. This should also go in the price.


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