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(Caracas, June 23. Noticias24) – In This Tip, always enjoy the rhythm of the avant-garde. A spa full of glamour in Uruguay, which connects us with memorable experiences and is a possessor of an interesting story.


Its foundation was in 1829 by Don Francisco Aguilar, formerly a place inhabited by indians.

This visionary, rich and mayor Aguilar, took advantage of the abundant natural resources of the area for installing some industries. Developing a small fishing village, which he called “Villa Ituzaingó”.

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After the death of Aguilar in 1840, the peninsula and the island Gorriti were sold to the brothers Lafone, who continued with the licks.

In 1907 its name was changed to be officially Tip of This and that year, the year came in the first vacationers to the small town. They were usually argentine families and montevideanas on board the steamer “Swallow”, it is here when it began its development and expansion.

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

Began to be distinguished hotels and the glamour that today is maintained, such as: the Hotel Pedro Risso (now Palace), the Hotel Biarritz (now apartment building) and the edificio España, the first accommodations of a resort.

The Church of the Candelaria began to be built in 1909, the first installation electréctrica was performed in 1916m and The Yacht Club was founded in 1924.

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

Until then, a quiet destination, and full of green, the life of Punta del Este is transformed into 1937 with the first restaurants and boîtes, open by Juanito Dominguez Abad and Alberto “Pintinho” de Moraes Pinto.

Tourism on the Peninsula had a large expansion in 1980, with the multiplication of buildings and hotels that have given it its current appearance.

My experience

Definitely its beaches filled with celebrities, fashion shows, luxury yachts and a lively night life full of parties, luxury and glamour, it is as I begin to define Punta del Este. It reminded Me a little of Ibiza, or that luxury allegorical of Marbella or the elegance of the French riviera.

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

My first destination was to be the best “voyeur” of the seaside resort of Punta del Este , perhaps, in comparison with other beaches, traveled around the world, their fame is a little ostentatious when judging beauty that I expected and the service.Even so, it is a place that we must allow ourselves to surrender to his pace, to measure our experience.

I arrived to Punta del Este, from Montevideo, via road, beautiful places, without a doubt, and delicious food…later I will narrate this journey.

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

After 45 km on my route, to get to the city-resort of Atlantis. Moving between green areas of pine trees and dunes, we arrived at the Paseo de Neruda where you will find a small museum dedicated to the chilean poet.

I went to the restaurant of the hotel Fortin de Santa Rosa, we enjoyed a nice interior garden and a kitchen very neat. discover their paintings, prints and ceramics – After a long and beautiful tour, I got to Tip This, whose streets are filled with beautiful people, and also of many families.

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

Everything is full of people, uruguayans, brazilians, and some of the highlights argentines who populate and crammed streets, restaurants, shops, beaches and bowling alleys. The residential areas of Punta del Este are really splendid, houses large windows looking out to the sea between the large and manicured gardens. Here the glitz is stylish and quiet.

You can walk through walks almost empty, bearing the image of isla Gorriti in the background, or one of the beaches that extend to both sides of the city, Playa Mansa and Playa Brava.

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

And if beaches is there are large and small, with calm waters and procelosas, gold or white sand, for families or for young people… Until there is a nudist beach, the famous Beach of Chihuahua, before Punta Ballena.

From here they are Sun, with sunsets incredible and Mansa beach before arriving to Punta del Este. As with the open ocean, Brava Beach up to the Maldonado stream; and after Montoya, ideal for surfing, Bikini, full of famous to which I have the pleasure of not knowing, and very lively in their evenings unforgettable; and so on until you reach the elegant resort of Jose Ignacio with its huge beach.

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

In this first installment…I invite you between images to continue my journey and join me in the pleasure without limits…

Photo: Destinations and Pleasures

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