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Almost all the world already knows, that today, if a business does not appear on the Internet, does not exist. A web is not just an informational website, as some believe. A website tells the world as it is a brand, which makes, as it does and where it does . That is why it is very important that small and medium-sized businesses to have a web portal you can easily manage and is fully optimized. VIGUE company specializing in web design with WordPress shared how to take advantage of the benefits of this tool

The most important thing for a business is that people know, it seems like something very obvious, but not everyone has it in mind when you begin your business adventure. The Internet is like a shopping center giant where there are many companies, so that users who ‘roam’ by the shopping center stop in front of his ‘showcase’ will need to call your attention, that the products are ordered, which is known from the first moment they are selling and who your brand is recognized the next time they see it.

VIGUE – The web design company specialized in WordPress account as well as the small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of the benefits of this tool to compete on the Internet without having to invest large amounts of money.

WordPress is the perfect tool…

A web design with WordPress allows for flexibility, cost savings, integration of tools and simple management. This content management system is the most widely used for creating web pages since it is free and free distribution. Today there is a great community around it that has developed templates, or themes, plugins, or modules, and are improving their security and use.

It is important not to confuse WordPress.com with WordPress.org, are two different things. The first, although based on the second, it is a platform private that allows you to create a blog for free, but that is more limited, the rest of functions are of payment. The second is a free tool and is the one used in web projects, but you can also integrate tools from the first to the second.

Some companies of web development using this content management system to create the projects of their clients, which allows they can then edit their content in a simple and visual, although not all are taught to use, the site or prepare the site to actually make a site on the Internet.

Choose a good topic.

To create a Website with WordPress needs a good theme. You can find topics that are highly configurable in themesforest, and other sales portals. There are templates for all kinds of projects like real estate search sites, for sale photography, travel agencies… The programming of the topic you choose should be good, especially is advisable to look at the loading speed (it usually comes highlighted) and read the problems that other users may have. Google to rank web pages in their search takes into account the degree of optimization both for mobile and pc, like the loading speed of the portal . It is for this reason that the use of complementary tools such as a Cache. In this case, Super Cache is a free plugin that helps a lot in reducing the load time. It is also important to use tools of image compression, as for example ewww optimizer that helps to reduce the weight of the photos without loss of quality.

In the case of Online Stores, WordPress along with your module Woocommerce, it is one of the best structures to sell into the network and it is free. This coupled with tools like Feed Facebook, Feed, Google, Yoast Seo Woocommerce… Allows you to position the products in a much easier way. The integration into Facebook Shopping and Google Shopping allows you to increase sales because users will be able to buy the products with fewer click of mouse. Also, Wocoommerce has a large number of modules that cover all needs, from creating promotions, designing products in a visual way, or calendar booking.

The perfect theme is the one that covers the most of the needs that you have, that is to say, if the goal of the company is to sell products online, you must choose a template that is fully optimized for Woocommerce, and also is designed to integrate the plugins that are needed, without affecting the design. If you are looking for another type of goal is to analyze the themes of the market and get the one that most facilitates the work.

Write a blog post.

This content manager is the best tool for writing a blog. Nowadays a blog is essential for search engine positioning. Keep in mind that Google takes seriously, to position the local businesses that have a tab business, but you have to work every day in order to not lose positions. Even more so when Google has recently introduced a tool on the tab itself to share publications, events and products…

Write what you know, demonstrate that the enterprise or the self is an expert at what he does and also knows how to tell it. It is important to create quality content that matters related to the sector of performance.

Miguel Ignacio Guerra manager VIGUE – ‘Is the era of information, many believe that what they know will be copied and they will win. This is a belief of the industrial revolution, now everyone has access to the information, and it highlights the one who knows how to use it. This is not to give ‘the secret of the coca-cola’, it is to teach clients that it knows of the product, the service offered is of quality, because he truly is an expert in it, and thus to give security at the time of hiring services or buying products.’

Self against the world…

To succeed on the Internet in the first place, there is that ‘knowing a little bit about Google’. To this we ‘like’ that social networks are well configured and that the data are the same that you provide in the tab of Google Business. This is important because you have more to do than it seems.

In the second place, there are to use tools such as Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Local that are WordPress plugins, which let you build a big spider web on the Internet and send Feeds continued to Google and other search engines, saying which are the social networks that the company uses, what is the tab for business and what is the web address, in addition to the new entries and pages that are created are rasteadas by these search engines. This makes Google as the others will take seriously the time to position yourself. Let’s say that the web of this form acts as the center of everything, telling the search engines that the company is about, what are their social networks, which sells them or which are their services.

To create social networks and set them up well, have a good web design, create texts readable and clear, and using tools of seo such as we have described above, the business has ensured that the users view (at least in your area) your company and brand. Now only would be to continue creating quality content, offer a good product and make sure that the customers are satisfied with the service, so that a self-employed or a small business can compete on the Internet and grow. Of course this is not done from night to morning, there are no magic recipes beyond spending enormous amounts of money on advertising and paid campaigns.

If you want to have results on the Internet and create a strong brand, you need to work each day, invite customers to publish that they’ve found the product or service, create links in the social networks and of course provide a good service. It is not an easy job and fast, but at least if it can be cheap.

It is advisable to hire a company to perform the technical work to allow a subsequent check on the web site, that information as it is used, that give a good service and also have other complementary services to make everything easier as the business grows.

‘In VIGUE is always that the customer has all the information of best practices and use it to enhance your brand. It allows businesses to self-manage your content with guides and tips. If later they decide to increase their spending on marketing and delegate to the company some issues or begin to invest in campaigns such as Google Adwords or Facebooks Ads always put options on the table. The important thing is that the first businesses to grow, because if they do not grow, VIGUE, either.’

In short, WordPress is the perfect ally because of a low cost you can get superb results positioning, design and structure. Choosing a company to create the web portal which focuses solely on WordPress and marketing services, it can not only reduce cost, it also allows for flexibility and self-directed learning which is very necessary for those who are just beginning the great adventure to undertake, or to create a business.


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