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In an article on S Fashion Diary The Country ensures that the bikini would not be living his best at the moment to be replaced by other items of bathroom.

Among the reasons for this new trend, it highlights the influence of celebrities, the awkwardness that they may feel women with your body and the dangers of exposing the skin to the sun. However, it is stressed that remains the garment of choice when choosing an outfit for the beach.

Below, the full article:

In full controversy over the decision of France to ban burkinis (a pledge that has skyrocketed their sales by 200% in the wake of the controversy) its counterpart in the west at least in the flat lexicon and a space– bikini, you do not seem to be living their best moment. The garment of two pieces, which triumphed in the second half of the TWENTIETH century to become the symbol of women’s liberation, is being relegated to the suitcases summer classic for different reasons.

A few days ago, the journalist of The Guardian, Jess Cartner-Morley experiment, I reasoned that the planetary alignment against the bikini had to do with several elements. On the one hand, the fact that many celebrities wear garments t-shirts each time more sophisticated: Taylor Swift or some member of the clan Kardashian going to the beach with Rash Guards (the shirts neoprene), tops (even turtlenecks) and other garments inspired by the athletics, surfing or any other notch of life style, for example. On the other, the awareness of the dangers of exposing too much skin to the sun that is growing in recent years. More and more women prefer not to seek the tan typical of the summer to change to protect your skin from the effects of the sun.

In addition there are many women who do not feel at all comfortable exposing her body in a bikini in a social space, as is the beach. And other that are revealed against the idea of going to fashion or be sexy in that context or any other. It is a matter of personal attitude and consciousness, each time more, with which the women relate to their body and the social expectations that are concentrated in it. A personal decision that, as explained recently the stylist Susie Bubble in her blog, does not have to be subject to taxation.”I am an advocate of teaching the minimum of flesh in public. Not because of a religion. Not as a consequence of patriarchy. It is a matter of choice. Since I have use of reason, I have been in the team swimsuit in front of VS. team bikini”.

In this sense, it is necessary to add the policy, with the issue of the “burkini” claiming that the female body seems to continue to be a public issue on which you can even legislate despite the fact that the desexualización of the beaches and other places, it is a way unstoppable. And finally, how not to, the fashion, that also has something to say in this regard with sales data. In the Uk, for example, lower with respect to this pledge and its competitors direct: the swimsuit as a trend lately, jerseys, inspired by the gymnasts of the river, the trikinis that as we start from a half-decade or proposed air retro with “shorts” above the waist that only have in common with the bikini that consists of two parts.

In Spain, however, the data suggests that the classic bikini is still having a good life and is chosen by more than 85% of the women (although the sale of swimsuits and trikinis, according to a study of Storm Prive, up 24%). May your reign continue even among the very young and addicted to fashion, because here is not took off until almost the 70’s, when cities like Benidorm, Santander and Marbella knew how to defeat the moral of the dictatorship to change to become tourist areas of the first order.

The experts, however, added more reasons to the fact that the bikini they give some of its prominence. For the fashion designer of bathroom Marta Sanmartín, that signature delicate swimsuits and bikinis shooting high with retro touch for Pale Swim Wear, “there are now more options for everyone and an important part of women don’t want to be so naked at the beach. Before you had to settle with the offer of bikinis and swimsuits of the biggest brands. But, now, with the Internet we have the possibility of not dressing like others, of not fitting in and of desmarcarnos of the other taking in the beach and also in the street, the clothes that we are going. I think that before was used most of the bikini because there was no other thing, but now there is more supply,” he says.

In addition, one thing are the trends and other sales: “The bikini is a staple of the feminine wardrobe essentials. I, for example, I have many clients who buy suits or pants up high to go over pretty to the beach, but then buy a bikini braga low for when they want to take the sun. The functionality of the bikini is huge, I don’t believe that go to dwell because it is too practical and, in addition, it is also a garment that we like to take take more or take less,” he says.

It seems that, in the same way that the start of the summer started with the war to the ‘operation bikini’, the final off in 2016 it serves the debate of whether it is a garment in clear decline or just another example of how fashion and the social and cultural contexts that feed on themselves by doing everything to be interpretable from a theoretical perspective. In any case, as explained by the stylist Susie Bubble, have each woman choose what makes you feel most comfortable is the best argument in favor of or against the bikini, the burkini, the wetsuit or the lead.

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