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Spain – The last two weeks has seized large quantities of laughing gas, which was born as an analgesic and has gained a lot of popularity. Today, this drug is used to cause intense laughter; however, since 2006, has caused the death of 17 people.

“Hits you a smack fat to the brain. It is rare. Like if you upload it to a boozy hit. The feeling is hard to describe. When you suck looks sweet. When you get to the brain will stun almost instantly. It seems that going to lose consciousness, but you don’t get to that point. What comes to you is the laughter. You laugh like an idiot. I’ve read that lasts for three minutes, but what’s going. The cucumber just as you hold for a minute. As much then you are left with the smile on and the face of a fool”, and described the effects of laughing gas, a consumer.

The laughing gas is the name with which is known the nitrous oxide, which is used in different areas: in medicine, it is used as a painkiller and anesthetic occasionally; the world’s automotive, to provide more power to the car and, finally, it is consumed for recreational, as it provokes laughter.


In 1776 he was discovered by the british scientist Joseph Priestley, who used it precisely for the same that is used in Spain: to laugh. Priestley believed that this was the only use of the gas, began to distribute in fairs, circuses and festivals.

However, during a festival in Boston in 1844, Horace Wells, a dentist, saw that a man who inhaled this gas continued laughing even after falling and banging violently against the knee as if nothing had happened. Therefore, decided to experiment using nitrous oxide as anesthesia for dental procedures.

While Wells had a satisfactory result when used in the new anesthetic for removal of a tooth with the help of a friend, a dentist, at the time of a surgical intervention oral before prestigious doctors was a failure.

You could die of laughter with the nitrous oxide - THE DEBATE 1Young woman inhaling laughing gas. Photo taken from video.

Therefore, the nitrous oxide was again relegated only to its recreational use for two years, until another dentist called William Morton practiced successfully for a surgical operation without anesthesia laughing gas. From this point on, they continued doing experiments with this gas in the field of medicine.

The consumption of small quantities of laughing gas is practically harmless. In addition, the lungs break down the gas. However, their abuse can lead to a collapsed lung and, therefore, death. Since 2006, 17 people have lost their lives by the consumption of playfulness of this substance. It is for this reason that the last two weeks, the police have seized large quantities of laughing gas in the various regions of Spain.

You could die of laughter with the nitrous oxide - THE DEBATE 2Laughter caused by the nitrous oxide. Photo taken from video.

The first seizure took place on the 18th of June in Ibiza, where the substance is known from a long time ago for the vacationers; the second, in Marbella, where authorities said 2 thousand 400 dose; the third operation was in Lloret de Mar during the night of San Juan. Finally, on July 4, the police seized 700 dose from a street vendor in Ibiza.

In conclusion, dying of laughter is possible with nitrous oxide.

With információn of The Spanish.



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