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Two young people were saved from drowning thanks to the quick action of the Unit of Rescue of the National Police.

The emergency occurred on the afternoon of the last Friday in the playa Marbella, located in the district of Magdalena of the Sea.

Averaging 6 in the evening, a group of friends are about to enjoy a moment of rest, when all of a sudden, two of his companions entered the sea. Juan Cotera Hits (22) and Ramon Yrigoyen Benavides (27) do not take into account that the entrance to this area is prohibited.

Those who stayed on the shore immediately caught the 105 to alert on what was going on: his two friends were drowning in the rougher waters of this beach.

A few minutes later, the non-commissioned officers of the first Ronald Antonio Rodriguez Bolovich and Peter Chuquillanqui Montero, arrived on the scene. However, by the severity of the emergency, we needed more reinforcements.

A helicopter intended for this type of alerts are located in the area. The non-commissioned officers of the third Jose Luis Gonzales Farfán and Hugo Chapiama Velasquez jumped into the sea to be able to hold the young people.

The four rescuers, joined them from the earth, the non-commissioned officers of the third Feygler a Lot of Torres and Wilfredo Pacheco Arela.

In statements to the Agency Andina, Rodriguez Bolovich reported that the rescue was complicated because the beach Marbella is full of stones, and by the irregular motion of the waves. For this reason, we had to form a human chain to the shore, he said.

Finally, the two swimmers were able to be rescued after an hour of ‘fight’ against the sea. Both were taken to the hospital Santa Rosa because it showed symptoms of hypothermia.

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