By planting trees, the Police seeks to protect the caño Juan Angola – The Universal – Colombia

With billboards, costumes, and messages alluding to the nature, children and young people of the College Ana María Vélez, in the neighborhood Santa Rita, held a walk to commemorate the International Day of the Earth, along the main street of Torices until you reach the caño Juan Angola, in the morning of this Friday.

The activity was led by members of the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, with the Units of Environmental and Ecological Protection, who expressed the urgency of recovering the body of water, which has become the trash can satellite bridge that connects to Torices with Marbella.

To do this, promoted the planting of trees that prevent the passage of carretilleros, they charge for disposing of waste there, and in the same way to invite the communities to protect the spout.

“For several years it has been advancing, on the part of the Police, the Public Establishment Environmental (EPA), and environmental leaders, the protection of this body of water, making prevention campaigns and by inviting the community sector to not let the bad guys get dirty and contaminating this zone and that on the contrary care for them and ensure that this space is kept free of pollution”, stated the authorities.

The greater the View Garzón, chief of protection of the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, he said that the trees can protect the environment and ecology in order to maintain good utility in all the natural resources that lead to the preservation of the healthy life in the world.

“We chose this area because there are many people who do not know how to recycle or where to deposit rubbish. That’s why they use these spaces, where there are no houses for inundarloa of waste, creating the chaos and pollution of the sources of the hybrid,” said Garzón.

On the hike also participated Carlos Alberto Medina, parish priest of the neighborhood of The Liberator, who was concerned by the actions of the community, to ignore situations in which the environment is affected.

“We want to strengthen the nature. Our goal is that young people are concerned not only by the environment of Cartagena, but of the whole world. We are inviting the people commit to not throw garbage in the streets and bodies of water. A work christian, that God commanded us, is to take care of our nature. Our house,” he said.


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