«But who is it? Who knows?» – The Intransigent

BUENOS AIRES (Drafting).- We were a few…! ReappearedCharlotte Caniggiaspoke of the Loan and ninguneó to the alleged third in discord, Marian Farjat. «But who is it? Whatwho the know?» What is comes a new fight of these two media by the ex of the daughter of the Bird?

Charlotte is back. After enjoying some weeks of rest in Marbella at the end of the season in Carlos Paz, this week returned to Buenos Aires in order to settle permanently and until it could be view of walk in the Teatro Colón, where he also spoke with Intruders.

And in a brief hand-to-hand, spoke of their projects, from the rupture with Loan, and was surprised at the answer about the alleged romance between his ex and Marian Farjat, the former Big Brother. «I don’t know who it is», he admitted, between laughter. «I don’t want to talk about the topic, but since I’m single. It is a chapter closed in my life and is already,» said Charlotte about the rumor that argues that he returned to Argentina to try to win back the singer.

In this response, the movilero of Intruders asked the daughter of Mariana Nannis if he was aware of the putative link loving Loan with the former Big Brother and former Brian Lanzellota, Marian Farjat. And, between laughter, the blonde was dispatched with a hilarious response.

«Not a clue, I didn’t see it. If I do I know? No, I do not know who is. But who is it? Who knows?», responded at the time that he admitted have been «a little bit» jealous during the fleeting relationship with Loan. Do you believe? Look at the video with the statements of the media Charlotte.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQmMToIwfq8&w=560&h=315]


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