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Lasagna of mono, the new film from Federico Santos (beach, 2011), finally come to commercial movie theatres in Mendoza, next Thursday, the 28th, and with all the prospects and expand their projections to the rest of the country.

Shot three years ago almost entirely in the province, and with a cast of local actors, Lasagna, monkey will have its big premiere after having participated in several international festivals, having projections on the outside and to achieve awards of the critics and the public in countries such as the united States and France.

Lasagna mono account with the special appearances of Marco Antonio Caponi and Gisela Fields (The Seven), and the group Kapanga is its soundtrack.

With a script that articulates the most fun and day-to-day situations, the comedy chronicles the misadventures of Titus (Nicholas Isuani), a veterinary student who suffers an attack of agoraphobia, and you must share your studio with a total stranger that makes life impossible, Timothy (Darius Anise). And it leaves open a question to resolve: what is lasagna mono?

Filmed in a closed environment belonging to the Municipality of Godoy Cruz (precisely at a location of the hypermarket Freedom), the tape got a contribution of the INCAA, and so was able to start filming under the production of Yellow Door.

Once completed, Lasagna, monkey walked up to the time six festivals (in Houston, united States, won by example as the Best foreign language film and Best comedy), which opened more doors to finally be installed in movie theaters of mass public of our region.

«It is not easy to get theaters to be screened local films. And that is what most dreamed for a director,» said Santos, who this project thought from a first time to the big screen, traditional, although it does not rule out its broadcast on web platforms.

Waiting for a good impact in his debut to the end of the month, the film already has an agenda and projections in October at the film University, and in the space INCAA local.

«The idea –underlined the director– is to sell tickets to the theaters of the rest of the country we also open the doors». And for this effort, as tends to happen to the tapes to independent or low-budget, the chips are placed in its first week on billboard.

In addition, Lasagna, monkey was selected for the Film Festival of Marbella, where you will have your day next October 4.

A history of «claustrophobic»
90 percent of the film, he anticipated Saints, takes place in a department of limited spaces. «It is a studio, something that’s hard at times,» confessed and explained that he could build a place like that in a location as if it were film already, that those offices on the first floor that Godoy Cruz has in the hypermarket facilitated a recording studio that has everything under control.

In total there were three weeks of shooting, plus a week of exterior, with scenes filmed in Buenos Aires. There are those of Marco Antonio Caponi, who knows Fede Saints from the School of local Theater (he had participated in a short film by filmmaker). And with Gisela Fields resulted because «was looking for someone well-known from the tv giving the weather in a newscast. It was ideal, set in and out on various scenes,» says Santos.

The filmmaker anticipates that his film is «going to a thousand, very fast, with joke after joke». And acknowledge that you noted the comedy «because that is what I get, what I like to do, I love the branches and generate laughter.»

In regard to the selection of the cast, was given by casting. Only for the leading role it took more than 60 tests. «It appeared Nico Isuani and appeared Tito of course».


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