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Military families call for celerity in investigations for deaths during training in Magdalena

Playa Marbella,Costa Verde,Magdalena,Soldados

Army soldiers on the beach Marbella.

Army soldiers on the beach Marbella before the tragedy. (Dissemination)

Army soldiers on the beach Marbella.

The Army began to make the payment of compensation to the relatives of the soldiers, Bryan Lizana Chavez, Percy Gabriel Galvez Partner, Edinson Huangal Alvarado and Miguel Angel Leon Lamas, who died on the beach Marbella (Magdalena del Mar) during a training session last Friday, June 2.

According to general Javier Cam, director of information of the Army, three of the four families received the S/62.370 (15,4 ITU) that corresponds to them by life insurance. Cam reported that pending is the payment to the family of Huangal due to intestate succession that has not yet been resolved.

On the other hand, the family received the first grant posthumous of around S/1900’s. This payment shall be granted monthly to the families for 30 years.

Cam also pointed out that the greatest Alexis Kliford Rey Sanchez, who was in command of the group of soldiers who trained in Marbella, is still hospitalized in the Military Hospital.

“We’re hoping to be discharged for that inspectorate can know your version of what happened the day of the accident,” said the director of information.

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