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Pablo Montero you will sing to the flag.

Yes the producer Omar Suarez estimated to Pablo Montero, as two weeks of having released the so rugged music eternal Love, the singer will be absent next weekend and all because of Antonio Banderas. “I’m going to Spain, singing in Marbella, in an event of a foundation of Antonio Banderas. Until there I will have the pleasure to meet you and to see if they leaves sing, ‘La malagueña’, what we’re going to sing with mariachi,” he said Montero minutes before taking the stage of the Teatro San Rafael.

Series of Luismi do not press to Diego Boneta.

Diego Boneta ensures that you are not worried about playing Luis Miguel in the series of biographical prepares MGM or, at least, is gaining strength for the next few months of recordings on his trip to Italy, a country where the music of The Sun came when he participated in the Festival of San Remo in his teens with the song “Kids of today”.

Start recordings of series on joseph Joseph.

Speaking of biographies, we learn that Studies TeleMéxico started based on the life of jose Jose, starring Alejandro de la Madrid, who, according to the weekly Produce, share credits with Maria Fernanda Yepes, Danna Paola, Itatí Cantoral, Rosa María Bianchi, Ana Ofelia Murgia, Mauricio Issac and Damián Alcázar. They tell us that the production is very jealous and is not willing that any actor talk, at least now, the story that the same Prince of the Song authorized and that he oversaw before undergoing his medical treatment against the pancreatic cancer.

Prepare Swipe date, program to link.

Let’s find a partner! For those who wish to “connect” with another person, MTV Latino prepares Swipe date, a show of appointments based on the new way of flirting, or be, through the Internet and social networks, according to the studies conducted by the channel, which performs in their studies of Miami and that it will premiere the 23 of August. This is part of the programs of the new era of the channel of the pay-has diverged a little to the music and are creating content that you go straight to the millennials.


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