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The lawyer and politician Alexei Navalny shook up the social networks, through their Youtube channel, with a video in which he denounces the life of luxury and waste which carries out the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

«I’m angry and I want to share with you this information with you,» said the politician of 41-year-old, who in a didactic way and is not exempt from sarcasmos, «illustrates» their fellow citizens on the luxuries of another of the «Dachas» or private residences belonging to the representative.

The residence of 745 square meters of construction, with a forest inside of the island of Lodochny, in the Gulf of Finland, near St. Petersburg was the center of the denunciation of the law man, formed in the western Universal of Yale.

«In that Dacha have been filmed chapters of detective movies set in the times of Sherlock Holmes. While in Russia, citizens earn wages of misery, Russian president vladimir Putin may be given the luxuries of a millionaire,» said Navalny, who in July 2013 was involved in a lawsuit of misappropriation of funds, a procedure questioned by the European Union because it was intended to harm the public image of the complainant.

Navalny is not now data, to denounce a vast network of family and friends who serve as front men for Putin, who in the times of the former Soviet Union was an intelligence officer of the dreaded KGB.

Another denial

The spokesman for president Vladimir Putin denied on Friday the information disseminated by some media about an alleged mansion that the Russian leader would possess in the town of Marbella, in Spain.

«No, this is not the case, it is a joke, not very original,» said the spokesperson Dmitri Peskov to the radio Echo of Moscow. This information «does not correspond with reality,» he insisted.

The british newspaper Daily Mail said Thursday on its website that the president Russian was planting vineyards to produce their own wine in a lujosísima mansion on the outskirts of Marbella (province of Malaga, south).

The Daily Mail cited its own sources and reports in a web page online English speaking based in Spain.

According to Peskov, the news spread discredits a «publication » respectable».

«Unfortunately, the journalists have not shown the best of themselves lately… and have not been shown professional qualities to be high when they write,» he said.

Putin, who last year declared an income of something over $ 100,000 (at the exchange at that time) and an apartment of 77 square meters, is accused regularly of possessing luxurious properties and a vast fortune hidden, information that the Kremlim disproven constantly.


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