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This Owl imagine that peruvian politics turns into a giant set of the greatest studio of Hollywood: Alan Garcia starred in ‘Free Willy’ as the large orca that ate tons of cans of sardines ‘Odebrecht’. Alejandro Toledo is going to run for an Oscar for his extraordinary performance in ‘Ratatouille’, where he loses his soul and his dignity with such a ‘cooking’ faenones with full cheese rancid ‘Cheap’. The sinister operator Belaunde Lossio starred in a remake considered to be a snafu of the classic Woody Allen: ‘he Stole, he fled and was caught’. The mayor Lucho Castañeda is presented at a casting for a new version of ‘The bridge on the river Kwai’, but with the just what would choose extra for ‘Bridge plummeted to the Rimac river’. Nadine Heredia and Ollanta Humala estelarizarían ‘Titanic’, a story of love and horror in a Government that sank in the Huallaga to collide with the barracks My Mother. I hope you enjoy my ‘Piqueítos’ and as I would say the great Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘hasta la vista, baby’.

– INDEFENSIBLE: This columnist thinks that the State, the right to life is not equal for all. If in place of four ‘morocos’ of military service, have killed four senior officials, the minister of Defence would have resigned in dignity to assume their political responsibility, but as there are four toy soldiers, justifies the absurd and unjust death, saying that they were drowned while ‘taking selfies’. Please! By the mere fact of the order be given ‘a refrescadita’, the officer who gave that directive committed attempt for ‘wrongful death’. What such a joke of the minister’s Grandson. As if the soldiers were in Cancun for wanting to take ‘selfies’.

– NEGOCIAZO FOR DIVORCE: This columnist said it, unlike some who did Shakira and became ‘deaf, blind, dumb’, that the contract and the addendum with Kuntur Wasi were a lobby blatant and detrimental to the peruvian State. Yesterday, the minister Bruno Giuffra announced that the contract was settled in an ‘amicable divorce’. But it is not clear to me that that ‘in a divorce there is always that pay for’. Eye, Kuntur Wasi in three years is not built or a wall. I do not come with that, by assumptions ‘engineering studies’, they are going to charge you millions of dollars. Attention, ‘Vitocho’ and Comptroller’s office, the consortium is guilty of the madness of political want to go with the coffers well fat.

– LULA DA BARS: they Say that every country has the ruler it deserves. Despite the allegations published by independent media as ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’, which speaks of the participation of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the filthy tangle of corruption of Odebrecht, this is still in the lead in the opinion polls. But the man who, according to Marcelo, he demanded that she be sent a ‘center’ of three million dollars to Ollanta Humala for the presidential elections of 2010, it is with the holy back. The office of the Prosecutor in Brazil asked a prison for the old metal worker for the shameful crime of passive corruption qualified, by the property of an estate of millions of dollars that was acquired by straw purchasers. Robespierre, during the French Revolution, was autocalificaba as ‘the incorruptible’ and died on the guillotine. Lula autocalificaba also as ‘incorruptible’ and he expects the jail.

– THE OLD ‘WILLY’: This Owl will be born at night but not last night. Arrived in Lima one of the accused by the police of having participated in the concealment of the crime and quartering of newspaper editor José Yactayo. Aldo Cáceda Benvenuto, the old man of 70 years who were paid by the department of the murderer Wilfredo Zamora, ‘Willy’, said that led the murderer to eat by Breña and that they found nothing open in that area were thrown at parts of the body) and then looked for a chinese restaurant and went to eat the street Capon (there is also kicked out other parts of the journalist). Then came the fact that unusual, when he justified the have managed to Huaral. ‘I wanted to meet new areas of Lima, so we traveled to the north (sic)’. In that place Zamora, on a farm very far away from the Pan, burned the suitcase containing the last remains of the editor. To finish, Cáceda traveled to Panama, I sent a ticket to Zamora, and stayed there a week, ‘till it had passed the tide’. And a judge believed all of that! I turn off the tv.

Magdalena del Mar

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