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The Technologies of Information and Communication technology (ICT) and the Internet have impacted on the personal life, social and labour of the people coming to form an important part of daily living. Changed the way we interact, communicate, learn, work, relax, have fun and more. So, you have a society that generates data in bulk, that consumes from the mobile and that are influence by new leaders who emerge in social networks.

In the digital age, companies are aware that if you do not have online presence (social networks and web pages), simply do not exist. «It is essential now for companies and institutions to have a web page, social networks and channels of customer digital so that you can create a new form of customer loyalty and brand recognition in these spaces,» says José Torrez, expert in Social Networks.

Thus, digitization is changing the business scenario and introducing new needs in the labour market, favouring the birth of new professional profiles or digital trades. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to technological changes or die professionally.

Community manager, web analyst, specialist in Big Data, ethical hacker, specialist in web positioning, responsible for e-Commerce and digital content, as a developer of Apps, digital marketing manager, social media manager, expert in digital communication… are some of the new profiles that are already being incorporated into the business and have a big demand in the short term.

Mainstreaming of the technology

Currently, the technology is a topic transversal to all areas, is used both in communication and in health, biotechnology, architecture, fashion and other branches.

«There is a mainstreaming of the technology in the world of work. It is assumed that a professional must have digital skills (use of mail, use of communication tools such as WhatsApp), and even value much more the knowledge of specific tools such as data managers in the cloud», explains Marcelo Duran, specialist in Technologies of Communication and Information.

The most requested

At the global level, the specialist for Big Data is the most demanded by the companies, according to the «ELEVENTH Report of The + Sought-after in 2016» that made Spring Professional, of Adecco.

«The professions that can be glimpsed have to do with data analytics, statistics and math. Need experts who know how to handle all of the volume of Big Data, the cloud builds up. Any company has large amounts of data on their customers and users. You have to know to take advantage of these data to give better service,» says Francisco Ruiz Antón, director of Public Policy and Institutional Affairs of Google Spain and Portugal, quoted by the portal Abc.

Cybersecurity is also a growing sector. Experts in mobile Internet and the Internet of things; mobile applications; systems analysts; – experts in 3D printers, robotics and artificial intelligence, are also on the list.

Application of new profiles in Bolivia

«There are more and more requirements of community managers and specialists in Big Data», explains Javier Gutiérrez, executive director of the Center of Training and High Business Performance (Ceare), working 10 years in human resources recruitment in Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz.

«There are several professional profiles that are sought after for recruitment to distance from other countries such as software developers and web designers,» explains Eliana Quiroz, specialist in Technologies of Information and Communication.

«Community manager and digital journalist are some of the new profiles that move on the Internet and are required by the local market», explains the expert.

Torrez points out that community manager, Web professionals (analysts, designers, developers and specialists in Social Networks are the specialties most needed today.

In Bolivia, «the companies that have an international focus are prioritizing because of these needs. As well, the Santa Cruz brand trend because most of the multinational companies are in that city. He continues to Cochabamba, home to companies that produce and develop Software,» explains Gutierrez.

However, many companies «hire these professionals as external service (for a certain time), still do not see the importance of their position as staff of plant,» he said.

Attitude to face the technological challenge

«Learn how to learn new things attitude is fundamental to address the technological challenge,» says Duran, who explains that the technology advances rapidly and becomes obsolete the acquired knowledge, requiring continuous learning. «It requires an innovative profile, which can understand the current tools and be able to learn them, and implement them quickly,» he explains.

Gutierrez says that it is much valued today, «the attitude of the person”, that are eager to want to make things happen, wanting to be the protagonists of changes. It takes into account your social skills, who knows how to communicate, express themselves, sell their ideas, lead projects, and to innovate.

Quiroz explains that in the information society requires people who are able to obtain and process large amounts of information and data, which have a system of file, methods of analysis and a filter of the information. In addition, the specialist considers it necessary to have a temperament that is open to change and innovation.


• Community manager. Specialist in the management of social networks. Form and talk with the community that revolves around the brand of the company or institution in order to obtain data that will help you stand out in the digital spaces. Often work with people trained in Advertising and Public Relations or Communication.

• Specialist in Big Data. This figure analyzes and uses data to manage the companies as reliable indicators that help to propose corrective measures and move on to the trends of the business. Build mathematical models to make decisions automatically, or predict events. Can develop engineers or graduates in Mathematics.

• Ethical hacker. Explores the vulnerabilities of the computer system to see up to what point is safe safe from hackers. Studies are needed of Computer Engineering.

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Optimization for Search Engines). They are the experts in web positioning, and its function is to improve the volume and quality of traffic to a web site or portal. May have training in Engineering, Computer science, Programming, or Marketing.

• SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Marketing). Experts in Internet marketing. May have training in Engineering, Computer science, Programming, or Marketing.

• Webgardener or updater contents. Responsible for updating content and graphic material of a website or intranet. This craft is made by Journalists.

• Webmaster. Expert responsible for a specific website and it has functions of writing, editing, publication, supervision of activities or coordination. Can be accessed through the studies of Journalism and Communication, as well as Telecommunications, Computer science or Engineering.

• Manager of virtual communities and the animator of forums. Experts who study the feasibility of a community, select your media, plan your content, promote and maintain. Studies are required of Journalism, Corporate Communication, Audiovisual and Multimedia, Technology and Applied Sciences or Engineering Techniques.

• Business developer of digital company. Professional oriented to a type of consultative selling, to generate a variety of alternatives with which to be adapted «ad hoc» service to the customer, with the technical expertise to defend their proposals in front of the competition.

• A Trafficker. Implemented online advertising campaigns. Includes the monitoring, planning and optimization, and the analysis of the results.


• Nanomédico. Administer medicines at a nano scale to treat diseases such as cancer. It will also take up the repair of tissues and organs. For that, you’ll have the ability to operate nanorobots that will be used in various surgical procedures.

• Consultant in geriatric. As it will increase the life expectancy of the people, this professional will help the elderly in the care of their health and to plan activities that will allow them to have a good quality of life. For this reason, in addition to knowledge of medicine, know of nutrition and physical activity.

• Therapist detoxification technology. There are already cases of people addicted to video games or compulsive use of mobile devices. For this reason, it is expected that there the figure named «therapist of detoxification technology», that is to say, a specialist that will retrieve these people so that they have a controlled use of the technologies.

• Doctor of fetuses. The fetal medicine is undergoing many advancements. It is as well as these doctors are responsible for curing the disease before the baby is born.


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