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BUENOS AIRES (Drafting) – It Burns the screen! The «hurricane Nannis passed by the TV argentina and was put to a number of celebrities, including some officials. Is that Mariana Nannis tour in Argentina was as a guest on several television programs and had no filters to speak of everything and of all.

But look at what she made her husband Claudio Paul Caniggia. According to the site TeleBajoCero, after seeing Mariana Nannis unleashed, Caniggia had to call and Charlotte traveled to Marbella. Charlotte Caniggia rose to Instagram a photo with his father, The Bird: the darling of the family went to Marbella on Sunday night, without notice to you, to your boyfriend Lohan, as reported by Luis Bremer.

Mariana Nannis gave various notes, and gave the note to his time when in front of several politicians in the program of Andy Kusnetzoff he claimed that the insecurity in our country is not the product of drug trafficking but that «people» are shitting hunger». In his first appearance with Susana, Nannis was told, that they came to Buenos Aires when I was shopping in Madrid, and that neither told him to Caniggia who was coming.

Neither was very clear about where he was, if in China, in Marbella or London, and much less of their business. Yes he made it clear and repeated it after the made horned several times but still managed oven, silver to compensate for the infidelity. Now Claudio Paul seeks to accomplish bringing her to Nannis before you follow saying of everything in each program that goes.

Charlotte, by the way, did a selfie with his father and went up to the networks.

Look what made the "Bird" Caniggia after seeing Marian ... - The Uncompromising 1 

It also transpired that Charlotte and Alexander Caniggia «obtain possession” of MTV. After weeks of rumors and speculation, MTV Latin america has begun production, and officially confirmed the details of «MTV’s Caniggia Free», the awaited reality of the controversial twins.

The programme will continue to be the life of the brothers, the more fun and extravagant of Argentina, giving access to intimate to their life experiences while trying to leave their own mark on the world. The program will consist of 12 episodes of an hour each, and will be premiered in Argentina and the rest of Latin America in September exclusively on MTV. Later will be released in Brazil.


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