Miracle in the ‘girl snake’ – The Day

Shalini returned to his native India with obvious signs of improvement.


Ref. Photography: The treatment that had the young man gave his results in your body.

Shalini Yadav says goodbye in the airport of Barajas, Madrid, moving the hand beyond the security checkpoint. The 18-year-old, who the world knows as the girl snake of India, in the plane that will take her back to his house. Waiting 10 hours in a train with wooden seats until your Chhatarpur natal. Get carried gifts, a stuffed animal that has been baptized as Rocky and… a new skin. In a suitcase has kept the medicines that have worked the miracle.

Rare genetic disease. Shalini came to Spain on the 9th of September. Your only reason to travel to almost 7.800 miles from his village was to be cured. The girl suffers from the age of five ichthyosis lamenar, a rare genetic disease that causes his skin to be covered in scales blackish and hard. And every 45 days the move. By that knew her as the girl snake.

Go away the crusting of your skin. The young man spent 17 days staying in the luxurious Hospital Humanline Marbella. And has been subjected to a fortnight of medical tests to learn more about your disease and adjust to the maximum the medication that you back the appearance you had when you were five years old. The physicians prescribed pills acitretino, a derivative of vitamin A that has managed to reverse the situation of your skin. You only need to a dose of 10 milligrams a day. With two weeks of treatment the scabs and the parties blackish of her face and her neck have almost disappeared. Each day will have applied for all your body a cream which has reduced the tightness and the hardness of his legs and hands. “Now I don’t hurt,” she says from the wheelchair.

The young man grew 5 centimeters. Shalini is happy for all the effort and dedication that the 17 doctors of the International Medical Academy have given to your cause. “In India no one touched me. Here I have embraced and kissed”, explains Shalini before you leave. During the last week, Marta, physical therapist in Marbella, have helped the journal to degrease your joints, exercising the limbs.

Just measured 1.40 metres. Before coming to Spain I was totally shrunk. Each time it stretched out, his skin split. Rickets sufferer has worsened the situation and has prevented him from developing as a normal person. Thanks to the exercises that Martha did with her, she has grown five inches. The stretches are the leads in the form of drawings to be able to do them with her mother at home.

Your skin sweats for the first time . The doctors had never seen a vitamin D levels so low in a person. This vitamin is the one that we receive from the sun, and although Shalini went out almost every day to the courtyard of his house, the rays could not get through his thick skin. Now sweats for the first time in his life. Dr. Carlos de Sola explained to him that the drops that came from his body was something completely normal.

Shalini has returned with his family with a skin, Spanish new. “The first thing I will do is tell the professor that I can go back to class,” he smiles. Want to be a dermatologist and the cure to children in India with the same disease that she. Among the gifts that the little one is carried back there is a mobile phone and a tablet. Marbella has learned how to use a computer and navigate the internet.

Managed to raise two pounds of weight . The medical team of the hospital of Marbella decided to change their diet with the hope of promoting the improvement as much as possible. Changes in diet were minimal as Shalini is a vegetarian. The three dishes of hot food that has been ingested these days have succeeded in weighing 29 pounds, two more than half a month.

In the phonebook of the telephone has targeted the email addresses of the doctors who have treated you so that they can make a follow-up of how you react to treatment. In Spain, he left all his benefactors, pending its future. Of your new skin Spanish.


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