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Whenever you mention the name of Miguel Bosé, comes to mind the image light-hearted and anti-conformist artist who has been more than 40 years in the taste of the Spanish-speaking audience. An artist who is back in the decade of the 80’s had no qualms about wearing a skirt to sing his Superman theme, and that, in 1991, dressed as a woman to give life to the transvestite “Femme Lethal” on the tape of Pedro Almodovar “high Heels’.

Despite being linked romantically with several women, his sexuality has also been a source of comment and there are those who even defines it as ambiguous.

However, there is another Miguel Bosé, of which little is said. The Bosé solidarity, the artist who puts his fame to the service of those who are in need. THE father of four children who wants to the neighbor the same as yours.

That Bosé was the one who performed this past Friday at the famous Starlite gala, an annual spectacle that has headquarters in the exclusive resort of Marbella in Spain, and whose full amount is for research, prevention and cure of cancer.

The artist offered the show with the who is touring Latin america and Europe and q is called “I will Be 2017”. The more than 300 thousand people present there enjoyed not only the themes of the everlasting interpreter of “Lover Bandit”. Could equally share his sense of humor.

“I’m going to sing a song against the idiots tinged with yellow that they want to build up walls instead of throwing it away. Marbella, I’ll tell you one thing: the blond dyeing is very good to women but disagrees to the lords,” Said the singer making a clear allusion to Donald Trump.

“I love you”, “Gulliver”, “Babe”,”Superman”,”La Chula”, were some of the topics included in the presentation. But special attention was put to the time of presenting the topic «Like a Wolf», as he was often sang in duet with his niece Bimba, which died a victim of the cruel disease on the 23rd of January.»If I’ve been who I am was in your lap, if you’ve been life was by give you life, friend, how sweet that word sounds today.» So he made reference to whom the times called her “my muse”

Bosé sang for more than two hours in a show that will be difficult to forget for a long time. A great artist committed to a worthy cause.


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