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Marbella (Malaga), 29 sep (EFE).- The american John McEnroe has returned to Marbella (Málaga) after participating as a captain of the team «Rest of the World» in the challenge against «Europe» in the Cup Laver in Prague.

After spending two days of vacation with his wife Patty Smith in Venice, which was number one in the world has pointed out in an interview with EFE during the Senior Masters Cup, which is being played at the Tennis Club of Puente Romano that what we had experienced in Prague has made the entire world think about this and understand that it is a competition formidable to the world of tennis.

McEnroe, who always defended the Davis Cup, declares that now it is time for changes, and that the competition of the salad Bowl, JJ.OO. and the Cup, Laver should agree. He also spoke about his relationship with australian Nick Kyrgios, «a formidable team player, the most talented of the circuit in these moments, able to win Grand Slams», and whoever does not rule out train.

After a year of mandate of the president of the united states, Donald Trump, McEnroe says that «it has been a little crazy» and that she feels that «has divided the people», although he hopes that in the end something comes out good.

Q. How has been your experience in the Cup Laver?

R. Has been somewhat impressive, especially to see this group of players compete together but above all to have fun also. I think that the whole world has understood that it is a competition that is formidable to the world of tennis.

Q. it Has been a wake-up call for the Davis Cup, the beginning of the end of this competition?

A. The Davis Cup has been a very important part of my life, but I think that has not had many changes and should have them, and that they should work together with the Olympic Games and with the Cup Laver. In this way I think that we would save problems and we would work all the better.

Q. What changes would you make?

R. For example that he had played every two years, that will change to a week, the winning team to choose where to play. There are many things that would make it work better, that the parties were not in the best of five sets. As I have already said almost 25 years ago and I have not been the only player that has been mentioned. Anyway, when I asked for the Davis Cup I always have the same feeling. I felt very proud to represent my country, but things have changed. The Davis Cup is four weeks of the year, and the Cup, Laver only one. And when in addition in olympic year everything is complicated something more.

P. In Prague, he has been seen very close to Nick Kyrgios and the player has openly declared that you will understand. Would you like to be your coach?

A. To be a coach to someone, that someone has to feel the need to be coached by me. Nick is a great team player and plays his best tennis in competitions of this type. I’ve been fortunate to be his coach there, and if someone like him asked me to I would love.

For me it is the player with the most talent in the circuit today. The tennis courts are many things, to take the ball fast, have a sense of the game. There are many things combined, to withstand the pressure and that it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Q do you See Kyrgios as a winner of titles of the Grand Slam?

A. it Is in that way and I hope you get it, as I have said before, is a team player and can also win Grand Slams, but there are also other players that you are coming and we will see how they develop their game. In Prague I’ve had other young talents like Tiafoe and Shapovalov who may also be big players in the future.

Q. What is your opinion of the performance of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer this year?, Is it expected?

A. No one could expect. It has been spectacular to watch them play and see how they have been able to develop his tennis. It has been a great surprise to all. If you had asked Rafa before the start of the year if she would be number one in the world, I believe that he himself could not think about it. The same thing has happened with Roger, winning in Australia and then in Wimbledon. It is awesome. No one could bet on it, but it has been beautiful.

Q. you Have had occasion to see the movie «Borg McEnroe». And if you’ve seen it, what is your opinion?.

A. I have Not seen in the film, but yes on a laptop and I’m a little disappointed. It could have been something amazing… When you see that it is a film about yourself and see yourself as you are speaking of a part of my life and the most important match of my life, but they have invented things, and they could have talked about things more certain. I think it was a penalty, and that could have been much better.

Q. a year Ago, just before the election to the presidency in the U.S. you told EFE in this same place that I would vote for Hillary Clinton. A year later, what is your opinion on the mandate of Donald Trump?

A. Is being a madness, I hope that in the end something comes out good out of all this, but the more you talk to people feel that has generated a lot of division and has made it impossible for people to work together. It is a big problem for us. Miguel Luengo.


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