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June 06, 2017 5:00 am.

The higher EP, Alexis Klifford King Sanchez, who led a group of soldiers to the beach Marbella where four drowned, was involved in the death of another military.

It’s about Caesar Augustus, the Eagle Fifth, whose death ten years ago, was surrounded by a series of strange circumstances.


His father, Jorge Luis Aguila Franco, recalled the tragic episode. He said that the demand for truth to the then second lieutenant Rey Sanchez, he answered that he had died electrocuted.

This version she was not satisfied and came to the Morgue. There the coroner on duty told him that the Army had informed him that the deceased was an orphan of father and mother.

The protocol of necropsy 237-07 gave as the cause of his death is suffocation by submersion, secondary to choking.


The father recalled that his son was found the morning of September 30, 2007, floating lifeless in a swimming pool for children the Parthenon hotel in Iquitos.

Hours before, he had participated in the crossing swords of a marriage of an officer in the Army, which was carried out in that accommodation.

The strange thing, according to Eagle Franco, is that to be found, the body showed blows to various parts.

At that time, the statements of Klifford King made him think that he had responsibility in the death of the young soldier.

“First he said that my son was electrocuted, then changed his testimony in the Public Ministry, pointing out that he perished by drowning. He explained, before the jury, which gave that first version because I was nervous.


Jorge Luis Aguila Franco asked the minister of Defence, Jorge Nieto Montesinos, to re-open your case and help you to clarify the death of his son. You do not understand how in spite of the contradictions in which he entered, was able to exit unscathed.


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