The brothers Caniggia will have its second season on MTV – The Uncompromising

Monday, October 02, 2017 · 10:43:00 p. m.

BUENOS AIRES (Writing) – have become a big tv hit, almost by chance and against all the odds and negative betting very little by siblings Charlotte and Alexander showing his life to all the world, today the children of Mariana Nannis, have triumphed on the small screen.

The particular lives of Charlotte and Alex continues to call the attention of the public and the press, so now the routine of the media became the content of a reality show that has already had three chapters of his first season, which have caused great sensation, and the networks won’t stop talking about them. For this reason, the producers of the signal MTV has decided to make the second season of «Caniggia Free».

The program airs every Monday, the 23 hours in the signal cable musical, and shows all of the intimacy of the young people, in particular their tours for clubs, outings, talks and even their inabilities to be able to live alone in a house, away from the comfort that her mother provided in the city of Marbella, with comidades abundant.

The reality, it also shows the personality of both brothers. Peers in every activity in the house, but little knowledge about what to do or how to stock your home, since in one of the first chapters is evidence of the poor breakfast Charlotte to eat, in the early hours of the morning, a can of an energy booster.


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