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Alex moves with the look of a star hip hop: pants of the three strips colorado, running shoes blue, dark kangaroo and glasses mirrored. Already found the picture: walk the mo – seeing his shoulders to the rhythm of a trap tacit; it just lacks a good portfolio. Has a new alter ego and makes known, nor well-pisa the quaint pent-house, which looks from above the fifth façade of the Palermo Hollywood: “It was the emperor!”, cries on the floor of more than a hundred square feet, with arms held high. “Where is your Sis…?”, question, and learns that no one knows the whereabouts of Charlotte (“I tell you the Sis for Sister, sister in English,” she clarifies). With luck it will arrive in an hour. In reality, an hour ago we were told that it would arrive in 45 minutes. Past the time, “is coming”. And now… “we don’t know where it is.” Following in his role as a star of music, Alex moves his arms and insults in English: “oh What the fuck!”. Does the whereabouts of Charlotte? Apparently, Tuesday night went out and did not return to his house. I ask Alex if his sister is still with her boyfriend, Lohan, and responds: “I don’t think talking to people that I’m not interested. Don’t want to give the press.”

The excuse of the meeting is the launch of Caniggia Free, the reality show that premieres on the 18th of September by MTV. A month of recording to show the life of the children of Claudio Paul and Mariana Nannis. At this point, it is clear that the faltazos of the sister of Alex are more than normal. So much so, that the recording of the show is several days late and already spent two and a half hours of the 13, hours set for the meeting. “No one makes you wait for the emperor!”, he screams as if he were a king deranged. “In the end, I’m not an emperor. I’m a boludo!”, reacts now his twin brother.

At 4 in the afternoon, since we don’t know what part of the show and what the reality. The minutes pass and the “emperor” comes to the terrace of the penthouse. Last night, Argentina drew with Venezuela and the son of Claudio Paul Caniggia is inescapable reference. “Did you see the match?”, I ask him. Alex boots fast. “They are dead. You cannot make a goal or to Venezuela,” he says.

–What did you think of Icardi?


–Did you know that Wanda managed the millionaire’s contract of Mauro in Italy?

–What in football? Women don’t negotiate the contracts of the players. That is what she says, but I do not think. Back there should be a team work. How a mine is going to handle a contract with the Inter Football Club of Milan (N. of the R: The official name is Footbal Club Internazionale Milano)? I don’t believe him for nothing. My godfather is Pablito Cosentino, representative of players.

–Tell me the reality. How is the coexistence with Charlotte? How to share the tasks of the house?

–What domestic? Are more things to the woman… Or do you wash the dishes and kitchen in your house? ¡Ni loco! I never did.

–It is an old concept for 2017. Today, the man does it all: wash, iron, change diapers…

–I don’t think. In addition, we have a wife for those tasks. Do you clean dishes? Do you scrub floors?… That is not for us.

–In social networks hablás a lot of envy. Who do you mean?

–People will envy you very much; you see, they note. It is normal. But it matters not to me. If you don’t see yourself as a winner, you can’t act as such.

PLASTIC GIRL. Charlotte arrives at the meeting with three and a half hours of delay. In normal conditions we would have gone. But, who knows why, we are still here. Why was the delay? Apparently, a problem in the head. “I have the burnt hair. I could not pass by the hairdresser! I thought that they were going to go…”, he attempts to an excuse with the face of angry. In his head, the unpunctual have a right to get angry – is, not the other way around. What would be the solution? A wig of brown color, the shade of hair that the ex-blonde shows these days. Once solved the issue, complains about the clothes. “This is a piece of shit!”, he says bluntly, and looking to suspend the note.

Charlotte looks a lot like last year. In 2017 it happened only one time for the operating room. What is it made? “I can’t tell”, the complicated, but after that: “I took lolas. Were killing Me back”. In may 2013, was added to 600 cubic centimeters of bust. “I got 130 lolas, to feel more sexy and mature,” said on the cover of PEOPLE. Now decided to remove two hundred cubic centimeters of silicone, to decompress.

At 24 years old, Charlotte already had at least a half dozen times. Does the path of the scalpel? A liposuction of knees and waist; a rhinoplasty express, “which lasted just three minutes,” according to dr. Ferriols; two interventions of bust, and some touch – up- quote in his face, which changed markedly. What example? The lips. So, a few days ago in the program of Susana Giménez, his mom compared it with the King of Pop. “I’m afraid that Charlotte will end up like Michael Jackson,” said Mariana Nannis. What if he was angry with the queen of the botineras? “No I liked it, but mom pulls those things and that’s it”.

Now, I ask you to think of a funny anecdote of something that has happened in the reality. Cost – focus, until it starts. And yes, all roads lead to one place. CH.CH. (Charlotte Chantal) says verbatim: “In Marbella we were this with a best friend that I have. She had a boyfriend that for his birthday she bought him a Rolex, a water motorcycle and a car. A normal type of Marbella. You did a eshton. I have never had a boyfriend so grosso”, says Charlotte.

–You never had a boyfriend so of a millionaire?

–No. I never had one that I fell in love with completely. I dream a little bit with it. When encuentrea the person who really loves me, I am able to leave everything.

ALWAYS AT THE TOP. The reality of the brothers Caniggia begins in Marbella, where the family of the Son of the Wind and rub elbows with the “high high”. There are testimonies of Claudio and Mariana to show his mansion, luxuries, champagne, and walks to Puerto Banus, one of the anchorages for yachts over top of the Mediterranean, at the level of the ports most exclusive of the French riviera. Minutes from there grew up these guys that were born in Argentina, flew to Genoa, passed by the united States, they lived in a castle in Scotland and anchored in the Costa del Sol, southern Spain. That is the explanation of the strange accent of Alex, the way you have both dever life and its values. Also exists between the twins a union that leads to the two having a symbiotic relationship.

–They are very united. Look out for a lot of among you.

Alex: I care a lot to her, more than Sis to me. Lately I have to do more of it, but she wouldn’t do me much case. I never liked her boyfriend.

Charlotte: No boyfriend likes me and I also don’t like him. Alex brings many friends to home. A: But they are all friends. Without the commitment. I don’t want to eat the wallet. For nothing.

–Do you follow wedding with Lhoan?

Ch: Yes. We go and we come.

–A while ago, Alex hinted on Twitter that he was violent with you.

Ch: I’m Not going to discuss the issue. I’m going and I’ll be back with him. It is not a relation to anything stable nor friendly. Today I am, tomorrow I’m fighting. But I don’t want to give press to Lhoan.

–It would not be the best press… have there been an assault?

A: Not going to say this: many women are beaten and not with esan. I do not say anything. She knows, he is of age… let’s Change the subject.

–You never saw we thee a couple. Are you single?

A: For now yes. But beware: I am a pirate, only now I’m focused on my music. Today, I have the mind set on my art.

–And do you see yourself having children?

A: Yes, I would like to, but not married.

–A style of Cristiano Ronaldo.

A: No, the child needs a mother. If not, then who raises him? And the child says: “Where is my mother?”. I want something more traditional. Like any normal family.

–What do you think for the future?

Ch: I don’t want to follow in the environment. I would like to meet someone and get married. I’m not interested in a famous, but someone important, to take care of me.

–What Aspirás to a life such as that of Wanda Nara?

Ch: Yes, I would love a life wave Wanda. I would like to be botinera, as she. I think that the majority of women dream of with that. It is a genius: to live without working, with such luxuries, in Milano…

–Do you, Alex, instead, you want to forge your own career?

A: Sure. What there the grosso who is: Wanda or Icardi? Don Icardi! I want to be grosso for me, not for another, nor be “the son of”. My goal is to succeed in music. And what I’m going to do. One has to do grosso by yourself

By Julián Zocchi. Photos: Fabian Mattiazzi.


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